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Look at EGO Keep Cool Battery Technology

“Keep Cool” Technology

EGO_56VThere have been a lot of commercials for the EGO battery operated outdoor equipment on TV and on the internet.  We have used all of their equipment and really enjoy using it, but the commercials advertise some things that might have people wondering what they are talking about.  We want to tackle some of those items, so let’s start with the advertised “Keep Cool” battery technology.

Batteries do not function as well when they are hot.  They get hot when they are discharged at a high rate or discharged over a long period of time.  With battery operated outdoor equipment, there is a struggle between how much runtime one can have and how much power can be removed from the battery to provide power.  So the “Keep Cool” technology comes into play when the battery is discharged faster when power is needed, but the battery needs to stay cool for a longer run-time.  Clear as mud?  Maybe the video above will help or stick with us reading.

Opening a Battery

Typical outdoor power equipment batteries have to stay cool, take the shock of being dropped, handle vibration, and survive through getting soaked.  EGO has worked hard to integrate this all into one well thought out unit, especially when compared to other batteries on the market.  The unique shape, venting and covering of items makes this unit be able to handle the abuse.  but we are here to talk about the “Keep Cool” Technology.


IMG_20160511_102537938EGO has a battery that is U shaped so they do not have batteries stacked up in a brick.  They call this Lithium Arc Technology and is a part of the “Keep Cool” Technology. This unique shape and venting to allow the battery to shed heat.  The mainstay of the “Keep Cool” technology is a coating over each battery that goes through a chemical phase change as it gets warmer.  This wrap pulls the heat out of the battery as the cell gets warm and allows the battery to stay cooler.  You can think of it in many ways, but this wrap is a solid, similar to a plastic, but not a plastic.  As it gets warmer, it would turn into a gel like substance, sucking the heat away from the battery and allowing the shape and ventilation to remove the heat from the coating.

So the basis of the Keep Cool Technology is a platform that helps to remove heat from the individual cell to keep the battery cool.  This means a longer lasting battery for the end user.  Another part of the system is the computer software that controls the discharge of the battery, but we need to leave that for another article.


While some of the technology in the battery sounds like common sense, much of it is not found in other brand’s battery packs.  So how do you know what is inside the battery packs you are buying?  You don’t and that is why we wanted to take this one apart and give you an idea of what is inside.  Stick with us as we continue to dive deeper into these tools and look at the technology that we are all purchasing.


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  1. RB #

    I just bought one of the walk behind lawnmowers, now thanks to this video i have good idea about the battery tec.

    I love this mower btw

    May 22, 2017 at 3:26 pm Reply

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