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Laguna 3hp C Flux Series Cyclone Dust Collector | Woodworking Dust Collection

Dust collection is a must!

Nothing kills productivity more than a messy shop. Not only does poor dust collection create an unnecessary mess, it also puts dangerous fine dust particles into the air that can be harmful to your respiratory system. With these things in mind, proper dust collection is a must for any woodshop. There are a variety of options for dust collection from smaller single stage units to larger multi-stage dust collectors. The many options of dust collection out there, the biggest thing is getting the dust collection right at the source. You want enough performance out of the unit you choose to make the correct vacuum and extraction at the tool.

Laguna C-Flux: 3 Cyclone Dust Collector

We have had this dust collector in our shop for about two months now and have put it through its paces.


  • Dimensions: 46”L x 27”W x 79”H
  • Weight: 309 lbs.
  • 3hp, 220v, 22 amps


The dust collector arrived in a very well-built crate. Inside the crate, all pieces were well packaged within custom fit Styrofoam. We laid all the pieces out and opened up the instruction booklet. The instructions were not the best; however, we were able to figure it out pretty easily and they were certainly good enough to get the job done. Assembly took approximately 4-6 hours with one person. We do suggest that you get help when it comes time to flip the unit back onto its feet. Other than that, one person can handle assembly no problem. The unit comes pre-wired but lacks a plug. This is fairly common for large power tools as it enables the user to match the plug type to their outlet. We used a NEMA L6-30P plug and NEMA L6-30R outlet, both of which can be found at your local home store. Once assembled and wired, this unit is rock solid and ready to work!


This dust collector is highly mobile when needed. The unit sits on four 4” casters that allow the user to easily wheel it anywhere in the shop. For a 300+lb machine, this unit glides across the floor with ease. Most other cyclones on the market are either positioned on a stationary stand or mounted to the wall. The ability to move this dust collector across the shop if needed is a huge plus.

Dust Bin

The dustbin is our favorite feature on this dust collector by far!  It has a 46-gallon capacity, which should last a fairly long time unless you are milling all day long. The ingenious lift mechanism makes emptying the dustbin a breeze. Engaging the mechanism lifts the bin off the floor and seals it against the lid, thus eliminating the need for a short run of flex hose. Lower the bin, wheel it out, empty the bag and you’re done. We have had the opportunity to use many different dust collectors and this unit has the easiest and fastest bag changes by far.


This dust collector comes with a 1-micron filter stack, which captures 99.97% of dust particles 0.2 – 2 microns in size. These small dust particles can be very harmful to your health and are also what causes the accumulation of a fine dust layer throughout your shop. We still recommend you wear a respirator in the shop when possible, but this unit’s filtration is a vast improvement over our previous dust collector. The filter stack is equipped with a cleaning crank, which is manually operated to knock the built up dust out of the filter and down into a secondary collection bag. The crank has a 270-degree rotation, which ensures the two internal fins have full coverage of the filter stack. This unit does have an optional auto-clean kit. With this feature installed, a sensor detects a rise in static pressure, indicating a clogged filter, and activates the cleaning procedure.


With approximately 1624 real CFM (2817 Nominal CFM), this dust collector has more than enough power to handle a full shop. We have put it through its paces and it has successfully collected large chips from the planer and jointer as well as fine dust from the drum sander. We currently are operating with a single 4” flex hose, however, the unit comes with an 8” inlet which we will be using in the near future to run hard piping throughout the shop. As the shop continues to expand, we are certain that this dust collector will continue to handle anything we throw at it.

Whether you are a part-time hobbyist or are in a professional shop, Laguna has the right dust collector for you. The C-Flux series comes in 1.5hp, 2hp, and 3hp offerings, providing the perfect solution to whatever shop environment you are working in. If you are in the market for a new dust collector or are looking to upgrade to a cyclone model, we highly recommend you consider the Laguna C-Flux. It is a true dream to use and the performance is there to match. We are beyond impressed with ours and look forward to many years of great work in our shop. Hats off to Laguna for putting out another Grade A piece of woodworking machinery!

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