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Kobalt 5″ 24-Volt Max Cordless Angle Grinder Review – KAG 424B-03

Kobalt 24v Cordless

Kobalt’s 24 volt line, sold at Lowe’s, has been impressive to work with.  The cost of the tools is very reasonable, but the cost of the batteries for the tools are less than half of the other brands on the market.  We do not know how long they will be at the current price, but you can pick up batteries for $10.00 right now!

The Kobalt 24 volt grinder is powered by a brushless motor that spins the 5″ wheels at 8500 rpm.  There is a sort of slow start to the unit that is more noticeable if you are used to working with corded grinders that reach full speed in fractions of seconds.  Don’t let the soft start fool you, there is still good power behind this cordless model.  Being a 5″ grinder, you have a wide variety of discs to look at in the 5″ or 4-1/2″ size.  The paddle switch on the bottom is equipped with a safety lever to accidental starting is eliminated.  Overall comfort and feel is very similar to many corded models on the market.

Kobalt 5-in 24-Volt Max-Volt Cordless Angle Grinder


The side handle has a good rubber over-mold that helps to reduce vibration and over time is pretty comfortable to grip.  Inside the handle is the spanner wrench if you were to need it.  Our practice is to use the wheel to spin off the nut holding it on, but the spanner is nice for broken discs.

Grinder Features

  • Ideal for cutting, sanding, polishing, sharpening or grinding
  • 24-volt max brushless motor – 8,500-RPM
  • Tool-free guard
  • Paddle switch features a lock-off switch
  • 3-position auxiliary handle features anti-vibration technology
  • Handle offers convenient blade wrench storage
  • Compatible with all Kobalt 24-volt max batteries
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Includes 5 grinding discs, cutoff disc, grinding guard, cutting guard, blade wrench and soft bag

Stand Out Features

Kobalt’s 24 volt line is not breaking any records for the most power in their class, but that does not mean these tools are not powerful.  They are a well performing line deserving of a lot of credit!  The tool comes with a 5 year warranty and that stands out to us.  The price of these tools is pretty affordable and the warranty should provide for a good customer satisfaction.  The 24 volt line is new in 2016, so we have some time to see how the warranty claims are handled and how the tools last.

The tool free guard was nice to see as many of the cheaper grinders, and even some expensive ones, do not include this.  While the guard will not spin a full 360 degrees because the locking lever hits the grinder, it will spin to the useful positions one might need.  It is also easily removed if not needed or you want to change over to the grinding guard.

We tested this model with the 5.0Ah battery because we would be able to compare it to the others on the market already touting the 5.0Ah battery.  The runtime was on par with other models and performance was good.  This is another great tool for those in the 24 volt platform.  If you have yet to get into the Kobalt 24 volt platform, this is a good time with batteries cheap and new tools coming out!

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