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Kobalt 24 volt MAX Reciprocating Saw Review – KRS 1824B-03

24 volt MAX power!

img_6152When someone pulls out a reciprocating saw, they are usually taking on a tasks that requires some power. Kobalts Reciprocating saw is powered by their 24 volt max battery platform. This is a wonderful combo to give the user more power and runtime. Whether the job is a quick pruning on your trees or demoing a kitchen, the 24 volt max platform is going to allow you to complete more work on a single charge.

When testing and using Kobalts reciprocating saw, we completed various tasks using both the 2.0 amp hour battery and the 4.0 amp hour battery. We loved the lighter 2.0 amp hour battery pack for the smaller tasks or anything that required using the reciprocating saw above your head. On the other side of the coin, we loved the longer runtime with the 4.0 amp hour battery pack for those larger tasks. It was nice not having to switch batteries so often.

PRICINGKobalt 24-Volt Max 4-Tool Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Brushless Motor Cordless Combo Kit with Soft Case

Kobalt 24 volt MAX Reciprocating Saw

img_6153The unit boasts some standard reciprocating saw features but does it in a super simple and clean fashion. The biggest take away for us was the battery platform and the rubber overmold that nearly covers 60 percent on the unit. We touched base on the battery platform above, but the overmold made the unit extremely comfortable to use at any angle, hand position, and body position.

The blade change and adjustable shoe both are adjusting with tool free levers. Simply pull the levers and remove/insert your  blade and you are ready to go. Same with adjusting the shoe, pull the lever and articulate the shoe’s position and lock the lever back in place. Incredibly convenient to have toolless adjustment. Big time saver as well. This isn’t anything new, but a must in today age.


  • 24 volt MAX Battery Platform – increased power and runtime
  • Brushless motor – longer life, more power, and extended runtime
  • Variable speed trigger – increase control and accuracy when starting a cut
  • 1 1/8″ blade stroke and 0-3,100 strokes per minute – allows you to cut various material very quickly
  • Tool-free blade change – quick and efficient
  • Tool-free adjustable shoe – quick, efficient, and increased safety
  • LED Work Light – great for low light conditions
  • 5-year limited warranty – peace of mind purchasing

What is a reciprocating saw used for?

Reciprocating saws are an extremely versatile tool, you can put a variety of blades to cut different materials or even specialty blades to complete unique tasks. Below are a few tasks a reciprocating saw is used on:

  • Making a plunge cut in a wall
  • Cutting round stock (PVC, Metal Piping or tubing, etc)
  • Cutting through nails or pins
  • Demolition work
  • Pruning Trees
  • Breaking down material
  • Scraping (specialty blade)
  • Cleaning (specialty blade)
  • Chiseling (specialty blade)
  • Much, much more!!


img_6149The average view on a reciprocating saw always draws the conclusion it is a demolition tool. Now we can’t disagree that is probably most used in that application more often, but we will say it is extremely versatile and once you have one, you will use it on tasks you didn’t think it could accomplish.

A reciprocating saw is something everyone should have, especially a cordless model. Anytime you can cut the cord and make a tool mobile, is always a great thing.

In my woodworking shop, we will use the Kobalt 24 Volt MAX Reciprocating saw for breaking down large lumber prior to the milling operation.

PRICINGKobalt 24-Volt Max 4-Tool Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Brushless Motor Cordless Combo Kit with Soft Case

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  1. bernie cantago #

    reciprocating saw, i will used it to cut some wood for diy projects,,

    December 6, 2016 at 1:25 am Reply
  2. bernie cantago #

    kobalt 24volt max reciprocating saw KRS 1824B-03 cause i need to cut some tight places on my projects and i love this kind of tool and the brand

    December 6, 2016 at 1:59 pm Reply

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