Kobalt 24 volt MAX Brushless Circular Saw

If you were at Lowes and walking down the power tool isle, the Kobalt’s circular saw in the 24 volt MAX lineup would catch your attention. It boasts some pretty spiffy specs at an affordable price. We tested the circular saw on a out-feed table project¬†and during this project, we had to cut MDF, 1/8″ hardboard, 3/4″ plywood, and 3/4″ MDO. The saw got the job done and did it pretty efficiently. Now it is worth mentioning that when we were cutting this material to size, it was only rough size. We were breaking down the sheet goods and prepping it for the table saw. This is a perfect application in our professional woodworking shop.

It isn’t fair to compare this saw to a saw that is nearly 7-9 times the price in both performance and cut quality. You won’t be using this saw to finish quality cuts, but that is okay. It isn’t designed or marketed in anyway shape or form to compete in that area. It performs up to par for what we expect it to do in the shop.

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Specs and Features:

  • 24 volt MAX battery platform
  • 6 1/2″ blade
  • Brushless motor
  • 5,400 RPMs
  • 0-50 degree bevel capacity
  • 6.73 pounds
  • Electric break stops blade rotation when trigger is released – extra safety
  • Soft start motor
  • LED
  • 5-year limited warranty



24 volt MAX

We have tested a handful of tools in the lineup and were quite impressed. Both the drill-driver and impact driver had exceptional power and professional capacity. We tested the reciprocating saw with positive results but maybe a hair less performance than the drill-driver and impact driver. Now testing and using the circular saw, we believe this saw doesn’t boast the power of the 24 volt max system like the other tools did.

It certainly gets standard jobs done but if you are someone that is planning on using a circular saw every day all day, this unit may not be for your.

6-1/2″ Blade

This unit boasts a 6-1/2″ blade, which is 3/4″ smaller than the standard 7-1/4″ blades that industry standard circular saws have. What does this mean? Little less depth of cut and a little less speed of the blade as the diameter is smaller, the teeth are going to be moving a hair slower than the 7-1/4″ blades would be.

If you are someone that cuts mainly sheet goods (like our shop), then this saw would be okay as you won’t be maxing out the unit. If you are someone that will be cutting thicker material, this saw will be twice the work as you will have to cut your material twice and flipping it over in between each cut.

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The 24 volt MAX brushless circular saw by Kobalt is a great addition to the battery lineup. If we can be as honest as possible, the unit didn’t hold up to the battery platform’s power and performance like the other tools in the lineup did.

If you are someone that is using a circular saw daily, this saw most likely won’t fit your needs.

If you are someone that already has invested in the 24 volt max battery platform, this is a great addition to utilize your battery assets.

If you are someone that needs a circular saw occasionally to breakdown material or cut some fence boards on a one time project, this would be an excellent unit for you.

In our professional woodworking shop, we keep this unit right by our sheet good material and Centipede Tool modern saw horses. We thrown the sheet good material on the saw horses and rough cut them to size before we bring them to the table saw. This is a perfect rough-cutting application for this saw. We are not making finishing cuts, but just making the sheet good material more managable to handle at the table saw. Absolutely in the abilities of the circular saw by Kobalt.