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Klein Tools 6-Piece Heavy-Duty Nut Driver Set Review – 635-6

Electrician’s Nut Drivers

IMG_20160518_202315656Flat out, Klein is loved by Electricians and tradesmen through out.  Klein Tools has a new set of nut drivers that will appeal to that crowd and is sure to be a hit.  These nut drivers are built well and feature a through handle hollow shaft that will allow these to be used like an incredibly deep socket.  Each driver has a wrench assist feature built into the shaft to allow for extra tightening.  For tough to reach areas, the extremely strong magnet in the tip will hold a nut in place without issue.  You can also allow the driver to hang from this magnet if you want.  If you are a fan of the Klein screwdrivers, there is no doubt you will be a fan of these!

Klein’s 635-6 Features

  • Through-handle, full-hollow shaft for torquing hex nuts onto threaded rod of any length
  • Color coding for easy identification of different sizes
  • Wrench assist for additional torque
  • Rare-earth magnetic tip holds nut in place while fastening
  • Heavy duty handles and shafts exceed the torque performance of regular nut drivers
  • Includes 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, 1/2” and 9/16” hex sizes

PRICINGKlein Tools 6-Piece Heavy-Duty Nut Driver Set



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