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Kent CNC Standard Dust Shoe on a Shark HD3

Eliminate the Dust with a Shoe!

No dust shoeDust is inevitable with a CNC machine. Speeds and feeds are key in creating chips and not creating dust but regardless these “chips” can sometimes be so small it is like dust. You can stand and babysit your machine with a shop vac and chase your bit around your work surface or you can get a dust shoe that does all the work for you!

In the past we reviewed the dust shoe for the X-Carve CNC by Inventables. Taking the CNC machine up a notch means we need to take up the dust collection abilities. The Standard Dust Shoe from KentCNC takes a 4″ flexible dust port for higher CFM dust collection units. I have a CNC Shark HD3 w/ extended bed made by Next Wave Automation. This CNC is significantly more robust than the X-carve. I want to point out that isn’t a slam on the X-carve, they are two completely different units that are in two different categories. But that is for another blog post! 🙂

My CNC Shark HD 3 w/ extended bed has the ability to do much heavier milling/routing at a time. This means there is more dust being created with each movement of the router or spindle (3hp water cooled spindle is installed). With more dust means better dust collection. More dust collection means more CFM. More CFM means a larger dust collector and larger hose.

The Standard Dust Shoe from KentCNC is a great solution for larger machines that make a lot of dust!

KentCNC’s Standard Dust Shoe

Total Dust ShoeWith buying the factory dust shoe from Next Wave Automation to making my own 4″ dust shoe, I have gained a significant knowledge and experience when it comes to dust shoes. With confidence, the KentCNC Standard Dust Shoe is by far the highest quality dust apparatice I have seen for a CNC to date. The construction, attention to detail, innovation, and wide range of router/spindle sizes are what set the KentCNC Standard Dust Shoe apart from the other options out there.

Material – Cast Acrylic, high quality nylon brushes, powerful rare-earth magnets, stainless steel hardware

Construction – precision milled on a CNC

Innovation – from the first prototype to the current production model, the dust shoe has evolved into the best dust shoe I have seen to date

Wide range mounting sizes – with many sizes to choose from, KentCNC is sure to have a perfect solution for your CNC

With 3″ nylon brush, a great seal is created to provide the perfect dust collection environment. Spacers (mentioned below) are able to be installed for use when longer bits are installed.


I’m not sure if this is worth mentioning as the installation process takes all of about 15-30 seconds, but as other model installation procedures popped back into my head, it is worth mentioning.

The user simply takes the dust shoe top plate out of the shipping material, loosens the phillips head machine screw and slips the top plate around the router or spindle. Making sure it is set at the desired height, simply tighten the phillips head machine screw, but don’t over tighten!!! With it secured to your router or spindle, you can snap the lower half to the top half with the magnets. That is it! So simple!

Spacers – great idea!

KentCNC offers 1/2″ spacers that sit in between the top and bottom plate. These spacers do exactly what they are named, they cause the brushes to be pushed down in 1/2″ increments. This is vital when using extra long bits.




The Standard Dust Shoe by KentCNC is extremely high quality, but this high quality does come at a price. The units are spendy but when you take the cost of your CNC, the time you spend using it, and the chiropractor bills when you have to stand with a shop vac hose chasing your bit around. It isn’t something I would fret about.

Don’t inhale dust, check out the KentCNC Standard Dust Shoe. It is going to be on our CNC until we find something that can compete. If you are aware of one, please email or comment on this blog post! We would love to check it out and review it!

with dust boot

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