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Is a Single Button Laser Distance Measure the Right Choice?

One Button EASY

Bosch Tool’s laser measure division has been hard at work making these very handy laser distance measures very easy to use.  In some cases, they are only operated by one button like the very simple Bosch GLM 15 and the GLM165 that we show in the video above. The Bosch GLM165-10 laser measure has a range of 165 ft. with an accuracy of 1/16″.  The unit will automatically calculate the square foot of an area when you record two measurements.

In business, optimizing user efficiency can help make one more profitable.  Bosch made this laser measure as simple as possible, all you have to do is turn the unit on and you are taking instantaneous, real-time measurements. One the screen, the measurements change in real time as the user points the red laser at different targets.  This is a virtual tape measure!

You do not have to be comfortable with electronics to compute area as it happens automatically with just two clicks of the button.  The two measurements used in the calculation are shown on the screen along with the area in sq. ft.  There is nothing complex about this line of Bosch laser measuring tools.  Almost anyone can handle this tool and measure a building without issue.  For anyone measuring, these devices can increase production and in many cases increase accuracy as well.

The small size of the new line means they can be easily carried in your pocket.  Each includes backlighting so measuring applications in low-light or no-light conditions can still be accomplished.

The Right Tool for the Job

We recently worked with an architectural firm who was looking to increase employee productivity in the field.  Our recommendation to purchase a laser measure was met with so much resistance that we stopped talking about it.  About a week later, we were told that they went ahead and purchased a $400 laser measure but it was so complicated, they were unsure whether they could trust the employees in the field to get accurate measurements.  This firm purchased a laser measure that was a wonderful unit, but they did not need a tenth of its ability.  The extra options complicated the tool and confused the user to the point of frustration.  In this case, the company overspent valuable money that could have been used to pay other bills and will not be able to take full advantage of the efficiency due to the tool’s complicated options.

In our case, we use these small and accurate tools to take measurements on side by sides or cars to help ensure the frame and driveline are straight.  With round tube, we are able to get precise measurements and enjoy an easy to use one person system.

Pocket Sized Solution

While these pocket-sized laser measures will be mostly used for distance measurement on items like rooms, windows, doors and ceiling heights, some contractors will benefit from their ability to calculating the area of walls and of rooms. We recommend laser measures for anyone who measures for their jobs, from drywallers, painters, remodelers, plumbers and electricians to appraisers, real estate professionals, and inspectors.  They can reduce errors and save time increasing profits and productivity.

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