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Ingersoll Rand W5132 Brushless 3/8″ Impact Wrench IQV20 Review

Quality Battery Impact Wrench

img_20160908_101257887Ingersoll Rand has long been known for quality tools.  The New W5132 3/8″ 20 volt impact wrench is flat out one of the highest quality impact wrenches we have used.  The fit and finish are top notch and the controls are perfect.  Most of our use with Impact wrenches is in automotive work.  This tool feels like it was built for everything we do and has more power than what we need, but specific controls to allow us to complete each task, big or small by simply changing the well thought out modes.

The IQv20 line of battery operated IR tools has been well thought out and the fitment of the batteries is among the best we have tested.  The batteries are snug and become one with the tool when attached.  The charger is quiet and gives a beep to alert you that the battery has been charged.  Also included in the charger is a USB outlet to allow you to charge any USB equipment one might have.

IR W5132 Features

  • 550 ft-lbs nut-busting torque
  • 365 ft-lbs torque reverse, 340 ft-lbs torque forward
  • Weighs 5.1 lbs
  • Shadowless LED task light
  • 4 power settings; hand tight, wrench tight, 1/2 and full power
  • Maximum reverse torque in each power setting

Look Past the Bright Lights

img_20160908_101228908There are a lot of big names creating battery operated impact wrenches.  Few, if any are creating an impact wrench with the fit, finish and well thought out design of this Ingersoll Rand model.  You can see and feel the build quality of this tool when you first pick it up.  After using it a few days, you will quickly wonder why other brands to not take the same care and thought in their builds.  I guess that keeps Ingersoll Rand at the top of the market.

The LED light ring on this tool creates a shadow free illumination that really makes working in low light enjoyable.  Beyond a well thought out light pattern, IR has allowed this light to be adjusted or even turned off for different uses.  We always comment that the need for a bright light when removing chrome rims is not needed and now we can finally remove the lugs on chrome rims without a very bright light in our eyes.

Wrench Tight

img_20160908_101156007The modes on the back of the impact wrench are very easy to control, even with gloves on.  There is no small button, no small switch, just a simple large dial that is easy to move but precise in each detent.  The ability to choose from hand tight, wrench tight, mid power and full power allows mechanics to work on very small fasteners.  The hand tight mode is exactly that, it fastens nuts to what would be hand tight at about two to five foot pounds.  Wrench tight will fasten to 15 to 24 foot pounds, depending on the size of the fastener.  Mid-power and full power are exactly what you would think.  In each mode, when in reverse, you have the full power of the tool.  This allows for a mechanic to keep working and removing items, while being in any mode.  Very well thought out.

img_20160908_101358213Beyond the modes, lights and ability of this impact wrench, the tool has a chemical resistant exterior that will help the rubber overmold not to come off when it comes in contact with oils, cleaners and other normal automotive fluids.  Your grip should remain intact and usable throughout the life of the tool.  The protection will solve most of the complaints that we hear from users of other brands.

Ingersoll Rand makes great tools.  The IQv20 line of tools continues the same level of quality and performance.

PRICINGIngersoll Rand W5132 IQV20 Series Impactool, 3/8″



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