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Ingersoll Rand 2850MAX 1” Pneumatic D-Handle Impact Wrench Review

Lighter, Stronger Impact Wrench

Working in the heavy equipment maintenance and repair field requires one to be able to handle some very large tools.  Finally, these larger tools are being made with more power and in a lighter platform.  The new Ingersoll Rand 2850 MAX is now 25% lighter and has 2,100 ft lbs of reverse torque.  That is a 700-foot pound increase from the last model.  When handling the older model and the new model you would tend to believe there is a solid 10-pound difference in weight.  Working with the new IR 2850 MAX is actually fun as it is more maneuverable and has all the power and speed one could ask for.

If your job requires you to work on large vehicles like semitrailers, buses, trailers, and tractors you know that finding a good, lightweight tool is important.  Most times lightweight and power are not found in the same tool.  We struggle to get quality tools and constantly rebuild smaller tools as they are pushed beyond the normal limits.

When looking at the old model and the new 2850 MAX, there is a definite size difference in almost all the areas.  Many of the parts are a smaller diameter but made from a stronger, lighter weight material.  Quality and power were the main goals and it shows.

2850 Max Features

  • 2,100 foot-pounds of maximum reverse torque
  • 5,500 RPM and 770 BPM
  • Weighs 21.5 pounds, giving it a high power-to-weight ratio
  • A 360-degree adjustable side handle
  • Chemical-resistant composite housing
  • A swivel hose connection

Our Opinions on the 2850 MAX

The D-Handle design is adjustable for right or left-hand users; in-fact, it can be adjusted and fitted anywhere in a circle around the impact wrench.  When using it inside large truck rims, it fits right in and feels much lighter than others that we are used to.  The 3-position power regulator switch that also controls the direction is easily found without looking for it.  The markings on the forward and reverse switch have changed to blocks rather than numbers.  The larger the block meaning more power will be delivered.  The exhaust system directs the air downward, or at any angle, the user feels he wants to point it.  The trigger is sensitive but tight and the 6-inch extended anvil improves maneuverability in tight spaces.

Although not being the cheapest in the heavy-duty class of air powered torque wrenches, the Ingersoll Rand 2850 MAX boasts some of the best features and power to weight ratio for a highly competitive price.  It is by far the best value in a 1″ inch heavy duty tool and the ergonomic design allows for extreme comfort and ease of use.

The new Ingersoll Rand 2850 Max quickly won over the hearts of the mechanics at our local excavating company as its lightweight and the powerful platform was easy to use.  This impact wrench was meant for use on heavy equipment, especially older models where rust has made some bolts next to impossible to remove.

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