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Husky 56 in. 23-Drawer Tool Chest and Rolling Cabinet in Black Matte Review

Heavy Duty Husky

The Husky 56 inch 23 Drawer Tool Chest and Cabinet are Husky’s heavy duty line designated by the black drawer pulls.  The Chest and Cabinet are constructed of 19-Gauge steel and the unit is rated for  2,500 lb. loading capacity.  Each drawer is rated to 100 lbs. each. The extra deep bottom drawers have two 100 lb. glides giving them a 200 lb rating.  As a bonus, drawer liners are included to protect the finish and keep your tools in place. This toolbox weighs in at 542 lbs. and has six 5 in. x 2 in. casters with four having easy locking pedals to keep the unit in place.

The upper top area includes a built-in full-length power strip includes 8 outlets and 2 USB ports spread over the full rear of the tool chest.  The placement of the outlets allows the user to plug into an outlet near the items that need power rather than dragging a cord across the tool chest from one side.  Husky included is a rechargeable magnetic LED work light that charges via a USB connection  The magnetic LED has 3 light modes, a recessed folding hook, and produces up to 360 lumens. For added security, both the chest and cabinet are fitted with a barrel key lock system. This toolbox weighs in at 542 lbs. so the 5 in. x 2 in.

Husky has locks for both the chest and cabinet but we found them to be very cumbersome to get unlocked.  The locking system is one item that we feel stops this box from being used in a commercial setting where one would need to lock the chest and cabinet.

Top chest drawer dimensions:

  • (3) left drawers and 1 right bottom drawer, 9.64 in. W x 17.91 in. D x 2.83 in.
  • (3) top middle drawers 27.56 in. W x 17.91 in. D x 1.77 in.
  • (1) bottom middle drawer 27.56 in. W x 17.91 in. D x 2.83 in.
  • (3) right top drawers 9.64 in. W x 17.91 in. D x 1.77 in.

Bottom cabinet drawer dimensions:

  • (1) top full-width drawer 51.57 in. W x 17.91 in. D x 3.9 in. H
  • (4) left top drawers 15.15 in. W x 17.91 in. x 2.83 in. H
  • (1) bottom left drawer 15.15 in. W x 17.91 in. D x 12.4 in.
  • (5) right top drawers 34.05 in. W x 17.91 in. D x 2.83 in. H
  • (1) bottom right drawer 34.05 in. W x 15.61 in. D x 9.21 in. H

HOTC5623BB1S Features

  • 100 lbs. rated soft close drawer slides for smooth, durable operation, bottom drawers have double 100 lb. drawer slides
  • Built in power strip with 2USB Outlets
  • Magnetic LED task light with 3 different functions
  • Pre-cut, premium solid drawer liners and Husky embossed top matt
  • 5 in. x 2 in. industrial grade, polypropylene casters (4 swivel with brake and 2 rigid) will support up to 2,500 lbs.
  • Constructed with 19-Gauge steel


The Husky Tool 56 inch tool chest is perfect for the person who has a lot of hand tools and does not need much power tool storage.  We found that there are few places to store our 18-volt tools.  Depending on the brand, some 12-volt tools would fit in the drawers that are smaller.  The large tools need to be stored in the full-length drawer or the bottom drawers.  In our case, we are lucky to have a good power tool chest and cabinet that sits beside this unit to give us balance.

If you are buying this in the store, check the boxes over for damage before you take them.  The packaging is fair, but these are heavy boxes and forklifts can do a lot of damage to them.

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