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Hitachi RIPMAX C7UR 7-1/4″ Pro Circular Saw Vs Skilsaw Sidewinder

Hitachi Cuts Faster

Hitachi’s new RIPMAX C7UR 7-1/4″ circular saw is blade right and designed for power and speed.  Normally when we talk power and speed we are talking about blade left worm drive circular saws.  Hitachi claims the RIPMAX to be 40% faster than previous and competitive models in cutting speed.  There should be some speed increase as they have bumped up the no-load RPMs to 6,800.  As one would expect with a Profesional market circular saw, the RIPMAX features a 15 Amp motor, an all-metal body, stamped aluminum base and metal levers for added durability.  Hitachi took input from jobsite users and redesigned the grip to be more rounded and ergonomic.  The handle is closer to the blade giving it a more balanced and ergonomic feel.

Adjusting the bevel angles are easily accessible with a bevel adjustment lever up front, which allows 0° to 55° bevel cuts.  A blower was added to clear the cut line of debris created when cutting through thick lumber. The stamped aluminum base features an easy to read scale and reinforced ribs for durability.

Hitachi C7UR Features

• 15 AMP motor with 6,800 RPM no load speed
• Improved motor design delivers up to 40% faster cutting speed
• Dust blower function clears the cutting path of dust and debris
• Bevel capacity of 0-55° with positive stop at 0°, 45° and 55°
• Cut capacities: 1-27/32″ at 45° and 2-3/8″ at 90°
• Durable stamped aluminum base with scale
• Slim handle grip for easy handling and comfort
• On-tool blade hex bar wrench storage
• Unique cord hook repositions the cord for cutting convenience

Cut Speed Hitachi V7UR vs Skilsaw Sidewinder

In our testing, we compared the Hitachi C7UR to the Skilsaw Sidewinder (SPT67WM-22).  The Hitachi C7UR has a no-load RPM of 6,800 and the Skilsaw Sidewinder has a no-load RMP of 5,300.  Hitachi claims the C7UR is 40% faster in cutting speed than the competition.  The no load RPM of the Hitachi is 28.3% faster than the Skilsaw so that does make sense that the saw could cut faster.  Both saws have a 15 amp motor with the same cut capacities.

In our testing, blade choice was huge.  There was no doubt that the Hitachi had a higher RPM and more power, but in many cases, we could beat the saw by placing a Diablo blade on a weaker saw.  Once the Diable blade was placed on the Hitachi, the game changed a lot and the Hitachi was unbeatable.  Our goal was not to test blades, but we will say that a good Diablo 24 tooth blade will wake this saw up by 40% and that is proven in the video.

Does the Hitachi have a 40% faster cut over the Skilsaw?  We did not see it.  But it did have a 15% advantage in most cuts and in some cases up to 25%.  The coloring on the box shows the Hitachi was comparing to DEWALT and Makita and we did not have either of those saws and we did not know the model numbers.  We can say that this saw will run with and beat the old standard.

Hitachi added some very nice items to this saw to make it beat out the competition.  If you want a fast cutting blade right saw, this is one to check out as the ergonomics are on point along with the power.


Hitachi C7UR
No-Load Speed 6,800 RPM
Arbor Size 5/8″
Max Bevel Capacity 55°
Cutting Capacity at 45° – 1-27/32″
Cutting Capacity at 90° – 2-3/8″
Weight 11.1 lbs

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