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Hitachi DH-52MEY Brushless SDS Max Rotary Hammer with User Vibration Protection 2-1/16″

Brushless SDS Max

IMG_20160628_080809715We discuss battery operated brushless tools all the time, but this is our first chance to dive into a construction related tool with an AC Brushless motor that runs off a cord.  The DH52MEY 2-1/16″ SDS Max Brushless rotary hammer is the newest rotary hammer in the Hitachi lineup. This rotary hammer is made for hard work with a 2-1/16″ max drill bit size and a max core bit size of 6-1/4″. The Hitachi rotary hammer is constructed with the new AHB (Aluminum Housing Body) construction that provides durability and extended tool life. Who would want an awesome drill like made from plastic?  Not us!  That is one reason we feel this drill construction stands out.  Even with the Aluminum construction, it still only weighs 25.3 pounds.

IMG_20160628_080938258Our rotary hammer also has what Hitachi calls UVP (User Vibration Protection) Technology.  This option provides vibration protection utilizing a polymer coated vibration absorbing handle and also lessening vibration even more with the use of an internal counter balance.  This option is important to people who use these tools for long periods of time and can reduce injuries on the jobsite.

The brushless motor provides a no-maintenance tool.  This reduces the service and maintenance of a brushed motor and keeps this tool in the field, but also provides many other advantages.  The use of long extension cord that provide a lower voltage will not have an effect on how the tool performs.  Also, the tool has in integrated inverter circuit board that allows the brushless technology to perform with a portable generator and not worry dirty power effecting the tool.

Contractor Grade

IMG_20160628_081051939It is one thing to build a tool that is contractor grade, but Hitachi stepped up their game by adding options that long term users of this tool need.  First there is 4 modes that help you control the tool under different operating circumstances.  Also, once you have the tool dialed into the proper speed, under the hammer mode, you can push a button that allows the tool to run in continuous mode so that the trigger does not have to be held in.  This frees up a hand to help hold the tool in a mode comfortable area and also be safer while using it.

The large trigger and easy to rotate side handle help to make this tool more comfortable to use in almost any position.  Let’s face it, when you are holding a 25 pound plus drill in any position, it is important to be comfortable.  Since there is a clutch, it is not as important to brace and grip for a possible bind, but it is still something the user should think about.  Overall, this is a great rotary hammer and one that many in construction will enjoy for a long time.

PRICINGHitachi DH52MEY Brushless SDS Max Rotary Hammer with User Vibration Protection, 2-1/16″


Model DH52ME DH52MEY
Capacity Drill bit: 52mm (2-1/16″)
Core bit: 160mm (6-1/4″)
Power Input 1,500W
Bit Shank SDS max
No Load Speed  110 – 260/min
Full Load Impact Rate  1,000 – 2,200/min
Overall Length 585mm (23-1/32″)
Weight (including side-handle) 11.0kg (24.2lbs.) 11.5kg (25.3lbs.)

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