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Hitachi CR18DBL Brushless 18 Volt LVH Reciprocating Saw Review

Low Vibration

The Hitachi CR18DBL Brushless 18 Volt LVH Reciprocating Saw has a lot of features that the professional user will demand.  Vibration and comfort when using a reciprocating saw are very important to users and Hitachi has included a LVH (Low Vibration Handle).  This handle allows users to use the saw for long periods of time with less fatigue.  This recip saw has a significant amount of power, so being able to adjust the speeds for different materials is important.  Hitachi has three speeds and one automatic mode.  The automatic mode is designed to allow the user to try to reduce noise in a small area by lowering the no-load RPM and allowing the tool to ramp up the RPM as more pressure is applied to the tool.

Innovative features and a lifetime tool warranty are what set Hitachi or Metabo HPT apart from the rest.  The only downside that we see to this tool is the battery fuel gauge.  It only has two bars and they gauge is located on the tool.  If you have a group of batteries in a bag, the only way to know if they are charged or not is to place them in the tool or on a charger.  For a person with a lot of tools and batteries, they have to have a system to track fully charged and dead batteries.

Good Tools

Let’s be real, a poor battery fuel gauge is not going to keep users away from an excellent tool.  Hitachi has been bringing better and better tools to market and competing well with other tool companies for power and technology.  They are allowing the user to change the speed of the tools via a control panel and currently do not offer a Phone App.  For most users, this would be the preferred style of use because no one wants to spend the time to change a tool up each time they use it via a phone.

If you are in the market for some solid tools with a lifetime warranty, Hitachi has a great line of tools to look at.  This reciprocating saw has all the features most could ever want, including an adjustable shoe, quick blade change lever, and LED light, three speeds, and a variable speed trigger.  Plus you have all the power one could want with a brushless motor that will provide extra runtime over a brushed motor.

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