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Hitachi Combo Kit | Tool Torture Testing With Sand, Water, Impacts, Run Over & Abuse KC18DBFL2

Job Site Tested

Is the area or job site where you use your tools full of sand or water?  Have you ever drove over your power tool before?  Accidents happen, in fact, last week our concrete contractor left his tools in the sand overnight through a very serious thunderstorm.  The tools were soaked in water and sand.  He rinsed them off and went to work.  Watching that happen inspired us to see what would happen if almost every accident one could have happened to a power tool all happened in one day.  Would the tool survive?

To make it even more interesting, we decided to use a combo kit that one would normally buy on sale.  In Hitachi’s line (soon to be Metabo HPT) this combo kit does not include Hitachi’s most high-end tools.  This will give everyone a great representation of how normal tools will react to torture.  In many ways, it was very surprising to see what a tool can take and what will render it useless.

Combo Kit Downfall

In the case of our Hitachi KC18DBFL2 Combo Kit, we were only given one battery.  In all of our testing, we continued to use that single battery.  That one battery was dunked over and over into the water, buried in sand and sit connected to our tool as it was run over.  If there is a downfall to this kit it is that the kit only includes one battery.

Every Combo Kit seems to have some downfall, but that is made up for in its pricing.  Hitachi includes 3Ah batteries as their compact battery and we feel they perform very well.  Much better than the 2.0Ah batteries others include.  Price seems to drive many combo kits sales and the only way to keep the price down is to keep the pieces in the kit as least expensive as possible.  That makes sense for a manufacturer, but not always for the buyer.


The goal we set out to prove was that tools can take a serious amount of abuse and keep on working.  In many cases, keep working just like new even if the body of the tool has seen better days.  Water is never a good thing for electronics, but many tools have potted circuit boards and are designed so that small amounts of water will not kill them.  If your tools do get wet, we would always recommend you dry them as soon as possible.  We would never recommend that you allow your batteries to get wet, especially in any type of corrosive liquid.  Batteries can catch fire and do bad things.

Enjoy your tools, use them and hopefully our video will show you the abuse they can take.


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