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Hitachi 10-Gallon Reserve Air Tank Model UA3810AB

Volume Tank

The Hitachi 10 gallon ASME certified reserve tank – UA3810AB – will be an instant hit for framers or finish carpentry teams. With this 10 gallon reserve tank between your compressor and your nailer, the user will get a consistent pressure to their nail gun, reducing improper feeds or nails that are not flush.  A constant PSI will be delivered to the tools through the 4 outlets directly on the tank along with one that can be regulated.

While this tank is fairly large and is heavy, there is a large benefit to contractors who currently use a single hose and splitters.  If two or three guns go off at the same time, the air pressure in the small home is reduced and the outcome will be nails that are not shot to the proper depth.

Hitachi 10-Gallon Reserve Air Tank Model UA3810AB



  • 5 quick connect couplers allow for easy one handed connections of hoses and/or splitters
  • Certified by the American Society of mechanical engineers (ASME), ensures compliance with laws and Regulations of all U.S. States
  • Industrial ball (shut-off) valve on input allows tank to be filled and disconnected from compressor without it draining itself
  • Roll cage design protects regulator and gauges
  • Industrial pressure gauges are encased in steel for high durability

PSI is King

No matter how many innovative battery solutions there might be on the market, right now, compressed air tools are running the construction industry.  They are cheaper and currently more reliable when fed the proper PSI.  The downside to these tools is the hose or hoses that go from the tool to the compressor.  They can be long and the longer the hose the more time it will take for the hose to come back up to PSI after the nailer was fired.  Hitachi’s tank will regulate the PSI in the hose better because it will be closer to the tools being used and it provides much more volume in the system for quick recovery.

If you run long hoses and splitters, you know the problems that are caused by fluctuation PSI.  Hitachi has a quality unit that is worth looking at!

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