Big Features, Small System

Grizzly_G0785_AGrizzly just came out with a wall mount dust collection system that has a canister filter.  If you check out the dust collection systems, you will not normally find canister filters on models in this size or price range.  This dust collection system will filter down to one micron and features a built in crank cleaning brush to clean the pleated filter during use.  Flowing 537 CFM, you can take care of most small workshops or a section of a larger workshop.  This unit is prewired for 120v and can be upgraded to 240v if your shop is set up for it.  That is a nice benefit for a small shop that might not be wired for an industrial dust collection system.

Machine Features

  • 1 HP, 120V/240V (prewired 120V), single-phase, 7A/3.5A.
  • 1-micron canister filter with built-in hand-crank cleaning brush.
  • Airflow performance of 537 CFM, and a static pressure of 7.2″.
  • Balanced 10″ cast aluminum radial fin impeller and 4″ intake hole.
  • Weighs approximately 62 lbs.

Types of Dust

Grizzly_G0785_ABreaking down sawdust can be done easiest when looked at by size.  The largest are the chips, such as those created by jointers and planers. These are large and can be easily swept up and cannot be inhaled. These are the ones that can make a shop look bad, but are not an issue to our health.

The next size smaller is dust from saws and sanders that settles everywhere in our shops.  This is the dust that destroys our fine varnish finish. This dust can be inhaled, but relatively large airborne particles are managed by our bodies.

The smallest size is the dust that is so fine that individual particles cannot be seen, other than perhaps a slight cloudiness where a beam of light shines through the air.  Even when we cut wood with a sharp tool, such as a plane, the brittle wood fibers are broken and create this fine dust. This dust, when inhaled, sticks to the moist surfaces in our lungs. The human body has a hard time removing it, and thus it can cause permanent damage.  That is why we want a filter that can remove these particles that are down around the 1 micron size.

Grizzly’s New System

Having a small shop myself, I have always wanted a full shop dust collection system, but none of them I found addressed all of the issues I wanted to address.  The models I had been looking at from a few years ago only had a dust bag at the top of them that filtered down to about 30 microns.  If you upgraded the bag, you could filter down to 5 microns.  Only recently did the canister filters that are rated down to 1 micron started showing up on the higher end dust collection systems.

My next issue was the size of these units.  Having a small shop, I am always running out of room and I’m not sure if my shop could house a full shop dust collection system with a canister built into it.  There are other dust collectors available on the market that have the small footprint of a wall mount unit, but they don’t have the canister or the ability to be rewired for 240 volts.

Grizzly’s new system seems to address all of my issues stated above with just a little less airflow than what I would ideally want.  Also, this unit is about half the price of the larger shop units.