Commercial Battery OPE

IMG_20160504_183913631Greenworks Commercial has an 82 volt line of outdoor power equipment that was designed with the commercial lawn contractor in mind.  These tools are quiet, powerful and will feel very familiar to commercial users by design.  While these models look similar to the Greenworks Pro 80 volt max models, they share very little in common.

Commercial use of battery operated outdoor power equipment is starting to increase, but at a fairly slow rate.  The technology has not produced units without compromise at this point.  Battery power offers a quiet solution for contractors who might be limited with noise restrictions.  We are starting to see these restrictions more and more in residential communities throughout the US.

Typical Run Times

  • 2.5Ah battery = approx. 20 minutes
  • 4.0Ah battery = approx. 45 minutes
  • Battery backpack = approx. 4 hours

What to Expect

IMG_20160504_183839554If you are a potential buyer looking at the Greenworks 82 volt system, you can expect a good powered unit that is fairly quiet.  The string trimmer has a fairly slow start like other brushless models.  This slow start can also come into play when starting the unit from a stop and also if you release the trigger too much.  While it can be annoying when first in use, it will also become something the user gets used to and starts to ramp up the trimmer earlier than with a gas powered unit.  With the smaller batteries, the run-time is short.  For commercial use, we would recommend multiple 4.0 Ah batteries or the battery pack.  The battery pack being the most expensive, but also most realistic use for someone who will be using a string trimmer for most of the day.  The power of this string trimmer is similar to average gas powered commercial string trimmers.


IMG_20160504_184054784While we really enjoy working outside without a motor running and the tools vibrating, some of the battery operated string trimmers seem to becoming shorter.  In this case, the Greenworks string trimmer is a few inches shorter that other battery operated string trimmers we have used.  This is not a big deal unless you are over six feet tall.  Us taller guys have to bend over to get the trimmer to cut level when trimming larger areas of grass.  It is not a big deal, but if a 6’4″ guy were to trim with it all day, they might notice.  The grips and balance of the string trimmer is pretty good.  There is a give and take between using the 2.5Ah battery and the 4.0Ah battery.  The larger battery makes the back a bit heavy, while the use of the 2.5Ah battery or the backpack or belts available make the unit easy to use and move around.


IMG_20160504_183900161If we had contracts in condominium associations or other areas where there was a high density of people, we would consider moving to the battery operated equipment.  The people who are paying for the service would enjoy it and it would be something that would separate your service from another competitor.  There will be some things that might have to be adjusted in the normal day, such as charging batteries on the road.  But overall, the experience of the customer and the user of the battery operated tool will be better in the long run.