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Greenworks Commercial 82V 21-Inch Lawn Mower Review – GM210

Commercial or Just High End?

IMG_20160726_093545440_HDRWhen we talk about GreenWorks Commercial tools, many people ask us if these are available at Lowes like the other GreenWorks tools.  The new 82 volt GreenWorks Commercial line of power tools and batteries are a completely new tool line. It is also not backwards compatible with their 24V, 40V, or 80V power tools and batteries.  This line was meant to power commercial users and give higher quality tools for them to complete tasks.  While many of the items look the same, they are each specific to the 82 volt line.  This line is found in commercial outlets, like Site One, that used to be John Deere Landscapes.  These stores are going to be geared better to maintain the commercial equipment and provide more knowledgeable sales force.

Commercial outdoor power equipment that is really up to the task is just starting to creep out on the market.  Realistically, runtime is still an issue for most of the companies.  Although cost is also an issue, many commercial contractors are willing to pay the extra costs because they can gain production or jobs because of the reduced noise level.  Some states, like California are mandating that some users in certain areas only use electric or battery operated tools.

IMG_20160726_093606901There seems to be a competition and marketing platform built around volts.  Most people feel the more volts you have, the more power.  While we have proved that is not true over and over, the simple fact is that most people still believe that.  Inside the volt comparison, there is also amp hours and when used together in an equation, give you watt hours.  So this battle in simple terms is about power.  To make power, there will be more of a drain on the battery so larger batteries, or parallel sets are used to divide up the load.  So what does that have to do with this mower?  A lot, because this 82 volt brushless mower has some serious runtime and a great feel of quality.  The metal deck may add weight, but it will make any prior gas mower user feel at home!

GM210 Features

  • 82-volt battery system with many sizes available
  • Digital Controlled Brushless Motor
  • Quiet operation and instant push button start
  • 21-Inch, 3-In-1 Steel Mower Deck
  • Mulch, rear bag or side discharge your grass clippings
  • Includes double stitched grass collection bag and mulch plug
  • 7-Position Height Adjustment
  • Quickly change cutting height on all 4 wheels with a single lever
  • 7-Inch Front, 10-Inch Rear Wheels
  • Professional grade axles and ball bearing wheels

Power & Runtime

IMG_20160726_093626964Out of all the mowers we have tested, this mower is the highest powered brushless mower we have used.  Overall, it is only topped in power by a 1,000 watt brushed motor.  This is a big deal as the number 2 spot overall in the most powerful mower market is impressive.  More impressive is that this mower holds the number one spot in runtime.  With only a 2Ah battery, this mower will run for just over 30 minutes.  Drop in a 4Ah battery and you will have runtime close to or over 60 minutes.  The runtimes keep moving up as you get to the larger GreenWorks Commercial 82 volt batteries.

IMG_20160726_093539682Some of the items that make this mower so impressive is how it is controlled.  While that term may sound odd in a mower, the brushless motor is controlled digitally and will increase in rpm’s when a load is sensed, giving you more power to cut through deep grass.  You can also override this control and opt for the fast speed at all times by pushing the turbo button.  This is something we have not seen on other brand mowers.  This turbo mode is incredibly useful when you are trimming odd areas that might have taller grasses or weeds.  You get much more power to chew through the tough material and experience less stall outs than if used like a normal mower.  Plain and simple, we used this mower like we would have a 5.0 hp craftsman and this mower performed just as well in trimming along our ditch and close to the field.  Simple an impressive mower.


IMG_20160726_093515864_HDRWhile the metal deck is appealing to most, it does add some weight to the mower.  To offset that weight, the larger tires seem to help it roll almost as easy as some of the lighter composite decked mowers.  The handle is made comfortable with great padding and the mower on handle is easy to hold down without issues of hand fatigue.  The deck height is controlled by a single lever that moves all of the wheels at once.  That is something we have come to expect from a higher end mower.  While this will make a lot of commercial contractors pretty happy, it will also fit right in to the consumer market where someone wants a quality mower that is very quiet.  The price point fits both markets.

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