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Get More Light in your Shop or Garage with Socket Splitters

Inexpensive Fix

Shop and garage lighting is important and also passed over as not needed when most homes were built.  One can easily buy larger LED fixtures to fix this, but we will offer an idea to give you more light for working anywhere you have a standard single bulb outlet.

We recently moved into a home that has excellent wiring on the interior but boh garages lack plugs and lights.  Our main 26 by 24 garage only has two light fixtures.  The light output was great for getting your wallet out of the truck at night, but nothing more.  The lighting was dim even when playing cards while the sun was out.  We could go through and wire in new fixtures but the blown in insulation would make that a mess and it would also be more costly.

While searching Amazon for brighter LED bulbs, we ran across some light socket splitters that seemed to be the perfect fit.  At $5.99 each shipped, they did not break the bank.  Combine that deal with the LED light bulbs we can find at our local Home Depot for $1.33 each and this package was hard to pass up.

Installing these took seconds and no tools other than a ladder.  The improvement was so big, my kids commented on it the first night and they had no clue what I did.  I want to note that I changed from 2,700K light bulbs to 5,000K bulbs to get a white light.

More & More Options

In my case, I purchased splitters that turned one socket into three.  while looking up the items for linking in this article, I found many more options including some higher end models that will hold 5 bulbs and allow you to adjust the directions the lights point.  Here are some links to models we feel would interest you.

Lamp Socket, 85-285V 3 In 1 Base Socket Splitter LED Light Lamp Bulb Adapter Holder for E27 To 3E27

Crazy K&A 5 Pack E27 to 2 E27 LED Light Lamp Bulb Y Shape Split Adapter Converter Splitter Base Socket

Vktech E27 to 5 E27 Socket Splitter Light Lamp Bulb Base Adapter Holder For Studio (E27 – 5 E27)

Toplimit 7 LED Bulb Splitter Socket Energy Saving Lamps E26 Base Fixture Adapter Converter E27 Bulb Light Lampholder

Toplimit 5 Light Socket Splitter LED Bulb Socket Adapter Converter Free Degrees Adjustable Energy Saving Lamps Holder (E26_Free Swing 4+1)

These simple socket splitters will solve lighting issues in garages, shops, basements and even attics.  They will work almost anywhere and we highly suggest you use LED bulbs with then due to the light wiring they use.  Many will list the highest wattage bulbs you can use.

We hope this helps you and corrects your lighting issues!

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    Great tip! Going to look into it.

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