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GearWrench 1/2″ Electronic Torque Wrench 25-250 ft/lbs 85071

When Accuracy Matters

Gearwrench_electric_Torque_Wrench_ControlsTorque wrenches should be used on most bolts that are fastened to ensure the proper tightening.  The reality in the real world is that most mechanics and DIYers go by feel when tightening.  With the introduction of the electric torque wrench, engine builders and others who need to have extremely accurate fastening torque were able to complete tasks with more accuracy.  These torque wrenches are becoming more popular as they are proven to be able to withstand the abuse they take in a garage.

Gearwrench_electric_Torque_Wrench_1Electronic toque wrenches are made for people working on items that need the accuracy and are most likely in an area that the user can see the digital reading on the torque wrench.  If one is using this blindly, not being able to see the lights and only relying on the buzzer, the accuracy fall quick and the speed of use decreases.  If this was a tool that was to be used strictly for torquing lug nuts, we believe it would slow down most mechanics over the use of a click type torque wrench.  That is simply not this torque wrenches intended purpose.  The intended purpose is most likely an engine builder with room to move around the fastener to get a good line of sight.

85071 Features

  • Operates on 4 AAA Batteries for Up to 40 Hours of Continuous Operation
  • Meets or Exceeds ASME B107.28M
  • Thin-Profile, High-Strength Teardrop Head for Easy Access Features a 60-Tooth Gear with a 6° Ratcheting Arc
  • Accuracy in Clockwise Direction +/- 2%, in Counter Clockwise Direction +/-3%, From 20% to 100% Full Scale
  • Knurled Aluminum Grip Resists Slipping
  • Digitally Tracks Torque Measurement. Buzzer with Red, Yellow and Green Lights Alerts You When Target Torque is Reached
  • 25 – 250 ft lb / 300 – 3000 in lb / 33.9 – 339 Nm
  • Converts Ft-Lb, In-Lb and Nm at the Touch of A Button

The GearWrench Name

Gearwrench_electric_Torque_Wrench_HandleGearWrench has a good name with most people who use their tools often.  They are a quality tool that comes with a good warranty, but they are not known as the working mechanics tool of choice.  The prices of their tools are much better than some of the mechanics first choice brands.  We have had good luck with the tools from GearWrench and were not even concerned about the quality of this torque wrench when the order was placed.  Thankfully for our Amazon Prime membership, the torque wrench was delivered on a Saturday so there was some time to play with it and see how it worked.

Gearwrench_electric_Torque_Wrench_ratchetThis unit worked well for the engine stand and other areas where the lights and digital screen were able to be seen.  The digital screen is easy to read in all lighting, even when the video camera had a hard time picking it up.  Getting good footage of it in use in sensitive areas was tough with the camera angles, so we stuck with using it on lug nuts as the camera would pick up the real time changing torque values and the lights.

We would not hesitate to recommend this torque wrench to anyone wanting some accuracy when fastening bolts.  If you are looking for speed, stick with a click type torque wrench.   For the intricate fastening, there is no better than an nice digital unit that will confirm the toque applies after each fastening.


GearWrench 85071 1/2-Inch Drive Electronic Torque Wrench 25 – 250 ft lb



Overall Length   26.5 in
Made in USA   Yes
Drive Tang Size   1/2 in
Head Thickness   1.310 in
Head Width   1.810 in
Min Torque (Primary Scale)   25 ft/lb
Max Torque (Primary Scale)   250 ft/lb
Alt Scale Increments   1 Nm
Primary Scale Increments   1 ft/lb
Min Torque (Alt Scale)   33.9 Nm
Max Torque (Alt Scale)   339 Nm
Head Thickness Less Tang   .650 in

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