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Full-Head Carbide | Bosch SpeedXtreme SDS Max Rotary Hammer Bits

Full-Head Carbide

Bosch SpeedXtreme Rotary Hammer Bits are a new full-head carbide four-flute drill bit available from 3/8″ up to 1″ diameter in SDS Max.  If you are using a SDS Max rotary hammer, the bits being used are making you money.  A broken bit or even a chipped bit is not acceptable.  Bosch SpeedXtreme SDS Max bits feature that full-head carbide tip that gives complete carbide coverage to the cutting edge and into the drill bit approximately 1/4″.  The carbide is shaped in a four-cutter design providing complete power transfer from the rotary hammer, through the bit and to the concrete during drilling.  The design also includes four symmetrical 90-degree side angles for a stronger tip, more aggressive cutting, and an extremely precise hole.  We found that this design will drill very precise without walking during the beginning stages of drilling

One of the major items that separate the BoschSpeedXtreme bits from others is that the carbide in the tip is manufactured directly by Bosch.  Bosch can adjust the material and specifications as needed since it is not supplied by other manufacturers.  Bonding the carbide to the bit is done with Bosch’s proprietary diffusion-bonding technology.   We cannot prove how well the carbide is attached other than to beat bit against rebar for hours.  The Bosch SpeedXtreme bits held up to that test without issue.

The four flutes on the Bosch SpeedXtreme rotary hammer bits aggressively pull dust out of the hole allowing for an easy dust collection.  Keeping the dust out of the hole also allows for faster drilling with less heat.  The small spike in the center of the carbide is an active-centering tip designed for quick, accurate starts and guides the bit through concrete.

SpeedXtreme SDS Max

When a company comes out with a drill bit and makes claims that it will last five times longer than other bits and not break when it hits rebar, we get excited.  Not to spread the word, but to test the bits!  We want to see if the drill bit will stand up to the marketing hype.  We happened to have a pile of concrete with rebar sitting from a job and we were able to continually drill over and over into rebar and let our large SDS Max Rotary hammer pound these bits into and through the rebar.

The smaller bits would go through the rebar pretty fast while the longer bits would pound away at the rebar for a while.  After the beating, all of the bits still looked just like new.  We worked to bind them in the edge of the rebar to try to rip the carbide off without luck.  Our goal was to find the weak link and we fail.  The Bosch SpeedXtreme bits outlasted our testing and still looked exactly like how they came out of the box.  We drilled and drilled trying to wear even the slightest bit of carbide without luck.

If your company does a lot of concrete drilling in the 3/8″ to 1″ area, these new bits will be something to try out.

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