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FastCap Quick Mandrel Review

Quick Release

The FastCap Quick Mandrel has a is a quick release system that allows you to easily lock and quickly release your hole saw. This works by lining up the pins on the mandrel to the hole saw and pushing it into place.  Once in place you twist to lock your hole saw and it has a very secure and snug fit.  This bit makes it easier to work with hot bits and help to allow for quick changes of hole saw bits without threading them on or off.

Compared to some other quick type mandrels on the market, the FastCap Quick Mandrel is very secure.  The hole saw is tight and it takes little time and effort to install or remove a hole saw.


  • Quick On, Quick Off
  • Fast and Easy to Tighten & Release
  • Fits most standard Hole Saws over 1-1/8″

Hole Saw Users

The beauty of this product is that is it a great addition for anyone who uses hole saws.  It allows for a quick hole saw change or it allows the saw to be removed for easy core removal.  The Quick mandrel works with almost all standard hole saws larger than 1-1/8″.  This is not a very expensive tool, but for time saving, it is awesome.  It can also help to reduce frustration over time.

Your centering drill bit can be changed like most other hole saw mandrels by removing a small Allen screw.  The center bits are standard.

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