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F150 Rough Country 4″ Lift Installation

Lift It!

BeforeOver the years we have installed countless lifts on all kinds of vehicles, even some cars.  Many have been for ourselves, but there have been quite a few for clients.  Almost all of them have been done on the floor without a lift and we would like to stress to you, with a few tools and some good jack stands, you can complete a lift on your own.  There is nothing that is overly difficult and basic tools are pretty much all that is needed.  The instructions with Rough Country’s 4″ lift were simple and straight forward.

Axle_InThe above video takes you through most of the steps to give you an overview of the process.  Our Bendpack 4 post lift was nice in a few situations as we did not have to crawl on the floor, but in more cases than not, it was in our way.   Obviously a 2 post lift that lifted on the frame of the vehicle would be more ideal!  Either way, completing this lift in our spare time was simple and quick.  Front to back with our extra modifications and fluid flushes, we have about 12 hours into this truck.  The extra time is because we would work an hour in spare time and have to jump back in a week later, reading instructions to get caught up, take notes and video most of the steps.  One could easily complete this lift in a single day if they stayed at it without major interruptions.

Rough Country F150 Lift Features

  • Track width remains the same as factory
  • Increased ground clearance
  • Levels the front with the rear of the vehicle
  • Install Time: 8 – 10 hours
  • Tires: 35×12.50 R18
  • Wheel Backspacing needed: 4.5″ – 5″
  • Requires minor cutting and drilling.
  • 9″ wide wheel is recommended.

Our Changes

Driveshaft-SpacerAs with any lift today, the goal for lift companies is to level the vehicle.  In this case, Rough Country lifts the front of the truck 4.5″ and the rear 2″ while the truck only had 1.25″ of rake.  Going with their specs would have left the rear of our truck 1.25″ lower than the front.  That might be the look many are going for, but for a truck that will still be used for towing and hauling material, we wanted to keep the factory rake.  Our goal was to have a trailer attached and the truck would sit close to level.  This stance also does not shine the front headlights in everyone’s eyes blinding them as we drive by at night.  🙂  Our plan of attack was to use a 5.5″ block in the rear and remove the factory 1.25″ block.  This worked out well and provided the stance we wanted.

Show_Off1We also did not want to change too much on the braking system that could cause rubbing or binding over time.  For some reason, the front driver side brake line on our truck was shorter than many on the market forcing us to add a simple brake line extension to the driver’s side to make perfect fitment.  This was a five dollar item, but did force us to bleed the brakes.  As you will see in our Motive Products Power Bleeder video, the truck needed a flush anyway.

The end plan of this vehicle is to have a slightly better stance and look over factory and bring a nice older model truck back with a new look.  There is no doubt it worked.  Our choice of 33″ tires over 35″ tires will aid in power as we opted to save some money and not re-gear this vehicle.

Lift_On_25A lift for most vehicles is not tough and with YouTube, you can see what most people have gone through to lift a vehicle.  This can help you decide your comfort factor on completing the project yourself.  This is a great project to have some garage time with friends.  Just remember that every change to a vehicle can cause other issues.  Drive shaft angles can cause vibrations.  Not changing or adjusting control arms can remove caster from a vehicle causing poor handling.  Look at what parts come with each kit and why the more expensive kits have the components they do.  Some are included for rock crawling and some are included to bring back the correct geometry on your suspension.  The Ford F150 has many brands that have kits for them and most are all the same, so look at what you get for the price you are paying.


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  1. Great looking truck! What are the wheels dimensions. Backspacing also and tire manufacturer. Thank you.

    October 26, 2019 at 10:56 pm Reply

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