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Empire Level UltraView LED Box Level Review

LED Levels

IMG_20160727_190548397Empire Level has new e95 UltraView LED Box Levels the have a great balance of light in the vials to make them easier to read in all light situations.  The first thing that we noticed was how comfortable these were to use in both daylight and no light situations.  Not many people will be using levels in the dark, but in construction, a low light situation is not uncommon.  With the high contrast vial, it can be used with or without the light, but we feel most will enjoy the light so much that it would be used.

Without the LED light on, this Empire level looks just like the other True Blue levels.  These feature the same accuracy of the Empire line with .0005”/inch (0.029 degrees) accuracy.  Each level is IP54 rated for protection from dust and water. The levels are constructed with a high strength, all-metal frame to provide maximum durability and eliminate common frame deformations from accidents.  Empire also equipped these levels with all-rubber, shock-absorbing end caps that can be easily removed tool-free to use in tight spaces or in long distance scribe marking applications.  They provide shock absorption in situations where the levels are dropped.

The magnetic models include rare-earth magnets that are incredibly strong for magnets on levels and work well.

E95 UltraView LED Series Box Level Models


24” e95 UltraView™ LED Non-Magnetic Box Level (e95.24)

48” e95 UltraView™ LED Non-Magnetic Box Level (e95.48)


24” e95 UltraView™ LED Magnetic Box Level (em95.24)

48” e95 UltraView™ LED Magnetic Box Level (em95.48)


IMG_20160727_190455545Before we opened up these levels, the LED feature was something with thought would be interesting, but not overly useful.  If you are working to level something, most times you have ample light to work in the area.  But immediately after turning on the LED light, we were sold.  Even in great shop lighting or full sun, the LED light added an easier to view vial.  It is not nice to make fun of Jeff, but he needs reading glasses and found that this LED lit vial was easier for him to accurately read without glasses.  That is important when building because no one wants to pull out glasses to read a level.

The fact these are IP54 rated is nice.  They survived our water test and never got water in any part of the level.  It is just part of building a better, stronger level for the jobsite.

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