530 CFM with 114 MPH

IMG_20160105_075440578EGO Power+ has just released a new blower that provides a significant bump in the performance of the company’s outdoor power equipment.  The new blower has some sleek new lines, but don’t think this unit was built to look at.  The performance of this unit beats out all the other battery operated blowers that we have ever reviewed to date.  That is a significant statement as we have been able to test out many of the new larger blowers, including some that state they are commercial rated.

The kit that we tested was model # LB5302 and it comes with the LB5300 blower, a 56v (2.5Ah) lithium ion battery and a charger.  If you are already invested in the EGO battery line, this battery is compatible with all the EGO outdoor power equipment.  The box gave us a gimps into the new products that are also available at Home Depot at this time.  There will be a 16″ chainsaw that we revealed to you earlier this year on YouTube.  Also, there is a 21″ self-propelled lawn mower and normal 21″ lawnmower that will have some upgrades from their first line.

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LB5302 Blower Features

  • 2.5 Ah Power+ battery is compatible with all EGO Power+ products and chargers
  • High efficiency brushless motor
  • Turbo boost function delivers 530 CFM
  • Variable-speed: from 250 CFM to 530 CFM
  • Up to 75-minute run time on low setting with included battery
  • 50 minute charge time with included battery and charger
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Ergonomic design for superb balance and user comfort
  • 5 year limited warranty

Impressive Performance

IMG_20151222_113218175We got our hands on this new equipment late in the year and were able to play in the leaves a bit due to some excellent weather.  The leaves were wet and already piled up for the year.  Thankfully, some of the wind we had in the area spread out the leaves to allow us to blow them back into a large pile.  While watching our video above, keep in mind that these leaves were wet, very wet.  It had rained for a week prior to us taking the video.  When watching the video, you would not think they are wet until you see them hit the camera and leave marks.  That is how powerful this blower is.  As we said earlier, to date, this is the most powerful blower we have used!

IMG_20160105_075451999The one thing that would make this unit better is an upgraded battery.  In my opinion, EGO created a very light and powerful blower and wanted to keep it light with a smaller battery.  The power that this unit gives you the feeling of a commercial quality machine, but when the runtime is only 10-15 minutes on turbo, you quickly return to reality knowing this will be great for an advanced homeowner.  If this came with a 5.0 or 7.5Ah battery runtimes could be up to 30 minutes on turbo and commercial possibilities would increase.  For those who are deeper in this line and own a mower, you can test this out and understand what we mean.

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Priced Right!

We have used this unit for a bit less than a month but not had specific pricing.  Knowing the EGO will still have the original line available, we did not know if these units would be more expensive that the original blower.  It looks like these blower will be very close to the same price point as the first blower they made.

EGO 110 mph 530 CFM Variable-Speed Turbo 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Blower


We keep watching the battery operated outdoor equipment expand in increase the power and runtime of the new equipment.  This is an exciting time for people interested in this new, easy to use, line of lawn equipment.  There is no more pulling to start a gas operated lawn mower or blower.  Simple charge the battery and know that when you want to use your equipment, it will be ready.

EGO backs their equipment with a 5 year limited warranty.