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Ego 56V Power Head System Review – String Trimmer, Pole Saw, Lawn Edger

No More Gas Can!

EGO is a company committed to deliver battery operated outdoor power equipment without sacrifices. In February of 2017, EGO expanded their 56V line of battery powered outdoor power equipment is a new Multi Head system.  This system includes the Power Head (ph1400) along with the currently available attachments: Pole Saw (PSA1000), Edger (EA0800), and String Trimmer (STA1500).

The power head system with multiple attachments is the just the beginning of battery power taking over in lawn care.  There are now the attachments, along with the power and runtime, to take care of your lawn without any gasoline.  That is a large leap in technology, even from just a few years ago.  We still see the need for gasoline powered outdoor power equipment in the commercial field at this time, but we do feel that will change over the next five to ten years.

EGO PH1400 Features

  • Compatible with all EGO 56V Batteries
  • Motor type – 2000W Brushless
  • Rotation Direction: Counter Clockwise
  • Speed Control Constant variable speed
  • Drive shaft material: Splined solid steel
  • Drive tube type: Aluminium

2,000 Watt Brushless Motor

There were some major design changes needed to make this power head system work.  In the past, EGO’s string trimmer motor was located next to the string trimmer head.  To make the power head work, they had to move the motor up by the battery and come up with an efficient way to deliver the power to the different attachments.  The connection had to be solid and simple to use, but more importantly, not cause any loss in power.  To accomplish everything, EGO put a 2,000 watt brushless motor in this unit.  That may not sound like a lot to many, but that is a similar watt motor to what is used in their 21″ mower.

EGO’s power head system is still fully compatible with all of EGO’s 56V batteries and chargers, meaning you can have the power head system on top of any other Ego 56V products and share the same batteries and charger.  The power head system works well with all batteries with the string trimmer, but we recommend moving up to a 5.0 or 7.5Ah battery for use with the pole saw and lawn edger.  The power and runtime are more satisfying with a larger battery.

String Trimmer Line Replacement

We could go on and on about the EGO power head system, but we want to leave you with one last thought.  Changing the string on the string trimmer head is as simple as pushing the line through the head and twisting it.  No taking the head apart and wrapping line.  Watch the video and check it out.  It is awesome.

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  1. Al #

    Was looking to go green and interested in ego

    June 11, 2017 at 6:50 am Reply
  2. Al #

    Looking to go green

    June 11, 2017 at 6:50 am Reply

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