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Ego 56V Lithium-Ion Cordless 15″ String Trimmer

Larger Ego – 15″ string trimmer

Ego has released a second string trimmer this spring in a 15″ model as an upgrade to their 12″ one released in 2014.  The new ego 15″ string trimmer has a few upgrades and improvements, besides just a larger cut capacity over the 12” model.   The 15” trimmer has the same bump feed system that the 12” model has.  In case you were following EGO last year, you may remember they had a little issue with the bump feed unit being strung too tightly right at the factory causing issues with the line feed.  This issue has been taking care of and shouldn’t show up on this model.    This is a residential use product and designed for those who do not want to maintain a gas engine.

The Test of Time

ST1501-S_15inchSplitShaft_StringTrimmerWe have not had the weather to get this unit out and test it completely, we do know from using the older model and from initial tests on this model that it might not be able to trim large yards in one battery charge.  A smaller city lot without much driveway edging should be no issue.  The Ego line of equipment has enough power for homeowners to complete lawn tasks around their home. Ego promotes “Power Beyond Belief”. Please remember, this is electric equipment designed for residential applications and will not give you the power of commercial units.

Pro and Cons

Let’s start with the benefits of this unit.

  • Fast Battery Charge.
  • Interchangeable Battery System with other Ego products.
  • Fairly Quiet compared to Gas.
  • Dual string head.
  • Easy to use handle.
  • Can be bought without the battery saving you 100$ (If you already own this system and battery)
  • Less vibration if you have wrist or hand problems.

This unit is pretty close to the same weight as gas versions so you are not gaining or losing there.

Here are some of the other things to think about if you are looking to purchase this unit.

  • Half the speed of decent gas trimmers.  (around 5500 RPM vs 9500-11000 RPM)
  • Possibly not enough battery power to complete large yards without recharging.
  • No quick change head and no other attachments as increasing weight on the motor can cause over heating and damage.
  • Cannot be washed with a hose. (Instructions say don’t get the motor wet, use only a damp cloth to clean it)
  • Cannot be used with heavier cutting line or blades.

Right Tool for the Job

ST1501-S_G2StringTrim_BrushlessThe EGO Power+ 15 in. String Trimmer is an upgrade from the 12″ model with a big step up in power and convenience for cordless string trimmers. The 56-Volt Lithium-Ion battery and a new, high-efficiency brushless motor deliver good cordless power.  Currently, if you are looking to remove yourself from mixing gas or the maintenance of a gas string trimmer and you are willing to work with the items listed above, you will probably fall in love with this tool.  Some, without research, have found themselves on the other end with a tool that was not designed for their use.  It is also very beneficial for you to purchase more than one Ego product and possibly do some pricing prior to purchase.  Since this tool is available without a battery, you can buy other tools that come with a larger battery and save money while possibly getting a larger amp hour battery.



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