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EGO 56 Volt 600 CFM Backpack Blower Review – Model LB6000

12.5 Pounds of Power

img_20160916_105020557EGO is continuing to grow their blower line with a new 600 cfm backpack blower that is powered with a 5.0Ah battery and available at Home Depot.  This backpack blower is priced at $299 including a charger and 5.0Ah 56 volt battery.  That is a pretty good deal considering the 5.0Ah battery is included and available for use in other EGO tools.

This backpack blower is no surprise, but it is a new to the industry for battery powered blowers.  As the technology and power increases in these blowers, there has to be a way to comfortably use them.  The prior 530cfm hand held blower made by EGO can put a strain on your wrist with the power it creates over a long time.  This now more powerful backpack blower is much more ergonomic to use and makes more sense for anyone who uses a blower to move leaves or lawn debris from their yard.

The best part about the battery operated blowers is the lack of fuel and starting a gas engine.  Ethanol has taken the fun out of small gas engines by creating carburetor trouble.  The battery units allow for ease of use and now have power very comparable to gas.  As technology increases, runtime will increase removing the gap between gas and battery, giving all advantage to a battery operated blower.

EGO Backpack Blower Features

  • Variable speed: 230 CFM to 600 CFM
  • Maximum air velocity: 145 MPH
  • Up to 120-minute run-time with 5.0AH 56-volt Arc-Lithium Battery on low speed
  • Brushless motor
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Adjustable tube length
  • 8 times quieter than gas-powered backpack blowers
  • Adjustable harness with waist belt
  • 5 Year Warranty


img_20160916_104833639There are two main reasons to purchase a backpack blower.  One is power and the second is ergonomics.  With the increased power, smaller hand held units become harder to use for longer periods.  The backpack allows for this weight to be carried on your back and the force of the blower to be transferred to the backpack.  Your arm is left to simply directing the path of the air.  This creates a stance that can be comfortable to work in for long periods.

Beyond the stance, the EGO blower is set up so it can be adjusted for people of all sizes.  The handle on the blower can easily move forward and back to adjust to height and arm length.  The straps on the backpack are padded and able to be adjusted to fit just about anyone.  Included in these adjustable straps are a chest and waist strap that help keep the unit straight on your back for long periods of time.

The trigger is a simple on and off model with the variable speed operating with a lever next to the trigger and a turbo button.  Our runtimes matched EGO’s estimates for Turbo (15 minutes) and high (22 minutes).  Our uses did not dictate the use of low, so we cannot attest to the 120 minute estimate.  These times allow for a significant amount of work to be accomplished on one charge.  With multiple batteries the work could be constant as the charge time is close to the runtime on high.

This is a great blower for any high end consumer!


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