Snow Tested Power

IMG_20160824_203814894People often tell us we have the best job in the world when we tell them we test tools.  Really, it’s more of a goal to inform people about tools and the capabilities.  In this case, working to give everyone a reliable and accurate show of performance and runtime of the Ego Power+ 21″ 56-Volt Snow Blower in august was a real challenge.  Our testing needed to be much more than an unboxing and we defiantly did not want to follow what has been done before by blowing saw dust.  Our goal was to show the true capabilities to people who might buy this unit in preparation for snow this winter.  We did not want guessing.  Our goal was a video that was able to show everyone exactly what to expect from this purchase that most will consider to be large.

IMG_20160824_195504145First, the features and technology in this snow blower are awesome.  This is the first tool from EGO that will run on a single battery or also capable of running off two batteries.  EGO calls this technology Peak power and it is software that is capable of detecting the size of the batteries in the snow blower.  Obviously, the larger the battery, or batteries, the better it will perform.  We found that there is little difference between running the unit with a 7.5Ah single battery or two 5.0Ah batteries, but all of our testing were done with the two 5.0Ah batteries that came in the kit.

The largest benefit from a battery operated snow blower is the lack of pull starting, lack of buying gas, lack of changing oil and a few other issues that can be frustrating.  The battery powered unit will run as long as the batteries are charged.  It’s also simple enough that it leaves little confusion as to how to operate the unit.  Along with simplicity, there is a speed controller for the paddle to slow it down in tight or awkward areas.

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IMG_20160826_114554108The intake and area where the snow in brought into the unit and sent to the chute is all 8 gauge powder-coated metal.  This is a big change over other battery operated units on the market and a huge selling point for us.  Let’s be real, a snow blower is really a small battering ram used to chip away at piles of snow left at the end of your driveway.  The last thing we want to do is use cold plastic as our hammer to break up ice chunks.  The scraper is plastic, but is also a wear item and designed to be replaceable.  The rubber on the paddles is also a wear item and easily replaced.

Since this unit is belt driven and it is protected by a computer, there is no need for a shear pin on the paddles.  Of you were to run into a newspaper or other item under the snow, the voltage draw from the batteries would spike and the computer would shut the unit down.  If the unit did not shut down fast enough, the belt would slip, protecting the snow blower from damage.

EGO 21″ Snow Blower Features

  • Use one or two EGO POWER+ 56-volt batteries
  • 2,000 watt brushless motor
  • 21-inch clearing width
  • Up to 35 feet snow throwing distance
  • Push-button start
  • Variable-speed control
  • LED headlights
  • Quick-fold handle for compact storage
  • Weather-resistant (ipx4)
  • 8 Guage Steel Intake
  • 5 Year Warranty

Testing for Real World Conditions

IMG_20160824_195521221Our goal in testing was to show people exactly what to expect once they purchased the EGO 21″ 56 volt snow blower.  We did not want to leave anything to the imagination, but we had to start off with some unconventional materials.

Our first round of testing was with pine animal beading.  While this was cost effective, we went through many bags of it trying to get it very wet, sort of wet or just dry.  Our attempts to make a test that simulated real world were worth the test, but overall a fail.  The wood is a material with friction and the dampness could not be recreated removing consistency from the test.

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IMG_20160824_195531544We moved on to ice to try to find a more realistic approach.  After buying all the 20 pounds bags of ice within a 10 mile radius of my home, we found the ice not to be cost effective, but very consistent.  There was the same amount of ice in a 4″ deep row, the ice was hard and we were fast enough that we did not allow it to melt.  This is a great test, but not real world.

After some searching and a little convincing that we were not joking, we were able to rent out our local ice arena and use the Zamboni shavings.  These shavings looked exactly like snow, even better, a bit of a wet snow.  So this is more of a real world worst case scenario.  The ice arena was cold, so we were able to ltest just as it will in the winter.  Beyond that, we were able to test long term runtimes of the snow blower to let you know if you could complete your driveway and sidewalks with one charge.  This was not a cheap test, but it gave us a real world test to show you exactly what the EGO 56 Volt Snow Bower will do.


IMG_20160826_114355755The EGO performed by far the best out of all the units in animal bedding and ice, but also performed equivalent to the gas powered unit and in some cases slightly better in snow.  The performance and longevity was amazing.  We were able to throw snow the advertised 35 feet, ice well over 40 feet and the longevity allowed us to complete all of our tests and clear a 40′ by 60′ rectangle on the ice before the two 56 volt batteries gave in. The intake is 8 gauge steel and comparable to the gas model in build quality, but with some extra bells and whistles.  This unit removes the maintenance and pull starting of the gas unit with the same performance in the real world.  This unit weighed under 58 pounds with 2 batteries and that is a significant decrease in weight compared to gas.  This snow blower is a gas equivalent without maintenance!