Ego – 15″ string trimmer

Ego released a second string trimmer in a 15″ model as an upgrade to their 12″ one released in 2014.  The new ego 15″ string trimmer has a few upgrades and improvements, besides just a larger cut capacity over the 12” model.   The 15” trimmer has the same bump feed system that the 12” model has.  This is a residential use product and designed for those who do not want to maintain a gas engine.  This unit can be purchased with the 56 volt 2 amp hour battery or without a battery if you already have one.

How much run time?

ST1501-S_15inchSplitShaft_StringTrimmerWe have had the last month and a half to use this trimmer and do some testing.  Depending on use, it will last from 10 minutes at heavy use to 20 minutes with light use with the standard 2 amp hour battery.  A city lot without a large amount driveway edging should be no issue.  We would like to see EGO consider having the option to buy this unit with a 4.0 amp hour battery for those people who need longer run times.  The very nice part about this unit is that you can currently purchase larger batteries up to 7.5 amp hour to increase its run time. This unit works great for residential use and is a great compliment to some of the other EGO battery operated outdoor equipment on the market.

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Pro and Cons

Let’s start with the benefits of this unit.

  • Fast Battery Charge for the 2 amp hour battery, but short run time.
  • Interchangeable Battery System with other Ego products can use up to a 7.5 amp hour battery.
  • Fairly Quiet compared to Gas.
  • Dual string head with .095 inch string.
  • Can be bought without the battery saving you 100$ (If you already own this system and battery)

This unit is pretty close to the same weight as gas versions so you are not gaining or losing there.  Remember, the more amp hour the battery, the heavier it will be.

Here are some of the other things to think about if you are looking to purchase this unit.

  • Half the speed of decent gas trimmers.  (5800 RPM vs 9500-11000 RPM)
  • With the 2 amp hour battery you will only have about 15 minutes of run time.
  • In tall grass, the low speed of the head can cause grass to wind around the head causing the unit to stop.
  • Cannot be washed with a hose. (Instructions say don’t get the motor wet, use only a damp cloth to clean it)
  • Would be nice to have a shoulder strap.

Is this the Right Trimmer for You?


There have been a lot of companies jumping into the battery operated outdoor equipment line.  The competition is a good thing for the consumer as we will end up with better performing equipment at a better price.  We have been using these trimmers over the past month or so and have found each to have its advantages and disadvantages.  EGO really shines for the person with a small to medium sized yard who can take advantage of all of their product offerings.  The ability to purchase batteries up to a 7.5 amp hour provides you options for long run times.  But in my humble opinion, it is unfortunate that they do not package this string trimmer with a 4 amp hour battery to allow it to compete in run time with the others on the market.

Also, in our testing, we found this trimmer to have a slower rpm than some others.  I believe this unit to be a direct drive unit and it does not use a gear box.  All of the other units we will go over this spring use some sort of gear box and that could contribute to why this unit is slightly slower than the other models.  The slower rpm is not a problem in most cases, but when you cut very tall grass it will cut slower and not keep the string out straight decreasing your diameter of cut.  While testing this with others in 12 to 18″ grass, I found the head will twist that grass around it causing the unit to stop running.  I believe the slower line speed does not throw this grass away from the trimmer and the head has a slightly larger gap allowing the grass to tangle in that area.  For most people in the city or suburban areas, their trimmer will never see 12 inch tall grass.

The ergonomics of the trimmer are good, but it does have a slightly small handle.  The soft start motor is a touch slow to start, but after it is started, trigger response is good.  It is nice to have .095 inch line standard on the unit as EGO specifically states not to upgrade to any larger line because it may over heat the motor.  The unit worked well for short distance edging.

Overall, if you are looking to replace a gas string trimmer for ease of use and you have a smaller yard, the EGO string trimmer will work well for you.

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