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Easy Tips for Keeping that Just Waxed Look on Your Car or Truck – Repel Dirt

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We are gar guys and have a small collection to keep clean and protected!  We would much rather drive them than spend hours on cleaning them, but we still want the cars to look their best.  In our YouTube video, we go over the steps we take when we wash our vehicles that help to keep that “Just Been Waxed” shine and protection.  While our technique works, it is really the products that do all the work.  We have spent years trying different items to find what we feel is the perfect combination of shine and long-lasting protection.

To start, we use a good quality soap when we wash our vehicles.  That is probably the most expensive item that we purchase per wash.  From there, take care not to scratch your car while you wash it.  Start at the top and work down.  Use a grit guard in your 5-gallon soap bucket to stop dirt from getting into your mit.  You should also use the two bucket method if you have a dirty car.

When you dry the car, use a blower in a clean area.  This will help to remove most of the water without having a towel rubbing on the surface of the paint.  One more simple step that helps to keep wax on the car and reduce scratches.  With your car clean and if it is in the shape you are happy with, use a high-quality sealant like the Wolfgang WG-5500 Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. That sealant might seem expensive, but there are about 50 applications in that bottle. It costs about a dollar per application.

That is the hard part.  From there, after each wash, we dry the car 90-95% and spray Meguiar’s G14422 Ultimate Quik Detailer on and wipe it dry with a microfiber towel.  That takes less than 3 minutes, even on our large trucks and helps to give a protective layer to the sealant to keep water spotting and bird issues from etching the paint.

While this may sound complicated, following this quick routine will have your vehicle looking like it was waxed almost all the time.  There are other options out there for quick detailers like the Quick and Slick from Croftgate USA and you can also buy ceramic coatings like Assurance.  We will get into those options more in depth when we talk about paint correction.



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