Amazon Buy or Crap

We all have different budgets and wants for tools!  No matter what your budget is, we want the tool to last longer than the second use.  With the invent of Amazon, we have all been introduced to many new companies who do not have to deal with a return rate in a store or fight for shelf space.  These companies can change names overnight and even sell the same tools under multiple names.

If that is not bad enough, these companies find people willing to give them a 5-star review if they send them a free tool.  So, Amazon Reviews are not real?  Yeah, there was a lawsuit over that a few years ago and it “should” have stopped.  Did it?  Hell no.  But the good news is the people who are fooled into buying the junk are speaking out with 1-star reviews.  Pay attention to bad reviews and if you buy stuff, please leave reviews as it helps all of us.

High Pressure Washer

High Pressure Washer must be a similar term to “Hot Water Heater”.  This pressure washer is full of marketing BS claiming 3,000 PSI and showing a rated PSI of 2,200.  The gallons per minute are rated with the soap nozzle.  There is so much crap and poor English in the manual that it is hard to read.  If I can make one suggestion, stay a long way from these pressure washers as they are total garbage.

Watch the video for my rant.  Leave a comment.  Make America Great Again.  Help your Neighbor. But Do NOT buy one of these!