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DIY Hardware Storage Cabinet with Plans Using Dewalt Organizers

Build Hardware Storage

Shown in our free set of plans, the hardware storage cabinet uses Dewalt storage organizers that are spaced equally apart to provide a clean looking, well organized, and thoughtfully designed cabinet that is perfect for all sorts of organization. Screws, nails, nuts, bolts, and anything else that can be stored in the compartments can be stored with ease.  This unit keeps all of the Dewalt storage bins in one area, ready for them to be used in the shop or removed and taken on the road.  This storage method lets you know that you are missing a bin by the blank opening in the cabinet.  This helps to organize your fasteners and keep everything in one spot.

plansHardware Storage Cabinet Build Plans


One Location and All My Hardware

We love organization. Seriously! I love getting my shop organized to the point where we am comfortable and then at a later date coming back and carefully improving a certain section of my shop. Whether it is my router table, miter saw bench, automotive tools, chisels, or whatever grouping of tools I love to continuously organize and find the best way to store them.
On the top of my workbench I have the standard small parts bins that holds various nails, screws, specialty fasteners, and other knickknacks that need their own home. But this type of organization option was limited in size, capacity, and expandability. I do like the style and will be keeping them for more of the specialty fasteners and knickknacks but I needed a better solution for my frequently used hardware.

With the designing and constructing of the hardware storage cabinet, I now have all my frequently used nails, screws, nuts, bolts, etc. in one location. The best part is this cabinet is on casters! I can simply roll it to my assembly table or area where I am working and have all my hardware at an arm’s reach away.



This project was designed from the ground up in Google Sketchup. Using this 3D CAD model, we have constructed a free set of plans that gives you the necessary material list, cut list, and assembly instructions. 50 pictures allows you to easily follow along.

When designing this hardware storage cabinet, we wanted the construction to be simple to build but sturdy to hold the heavy contents of the Dewalt organizers. I also wanted the unit to be expandable. In the build video, I constructed the unit a bit differently than in these plans. That was intentional, as we wanted to demonstrate the unit’s ability to be added on to.
The unit is a simple four sided box with a center divider and a back. The back gives the unit its rigidity and the center dividers allows the unit to be split into two columns for the two different sized Dewalt storage organizers. The entire unit is on four casters to allow the unit to be rolled to your assembly table to have all your hardware within an arm’s reach.
Each Dewalt storage organizer is evenly spaced by a ¾” by 1.5” hardwood runner. The runner had a bevel cut into the top to allow the user to insert the storage organizers a bit easier.


The construction method for this unit was extremely simply. The unit’s butt joints are glued and screwed. The free set of plans can easily be modified to allow for alternative joinery method. Alternative joinery methods include, rabbits, dados, pocket holes, dominos, dowels, biscuits, and much more.

The hardwood runners are installed using three screws. I did not apply glue in case they needed to be adjusted or removed in the future. Make sure to use quality fasteners to secure the runners as they could have significant weight on them when the organizers are full.

Free Set of plans

We have put together a free set of plans that allows you to build the same hardware storage cabinet. The plans include a material list, cut list, and assembly instructions with the help of many pictures.

plansHardware Storage Cabinet Build Plans


Workshop Addict build thread

We encourage you to download the free set of plans and get building. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns while building the unit, please visit the link below and post in the dedicated thread. Our plan creator and other dedicated Workshop Addicts will be more than willing to steer you in the right direction. Happy building!

Dedicated Build thread

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