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DEWALT ToughSystem Workshop Racking System Storage

Storage on the go

Whether it is for work or everyday life, we are all busy and constantly going from place to place. When it comes to work, we have to bring our tools and supplies with us from place to place. Staying organized and efficient is a difficult thing to accomplish. A typical contractor or installer will have a work truck and possibly a trailer. These large chunks of storage often times are poorly organized and lead to you or your workforce searching for the correct tool, hardware, or supplies. Dewalt has come up with a solution that you can have everything in separate storage units and neatly organize them in a vertical fashion. This system is call the ToughSystem.

DEWALT DWST08270 Tough System Workshop Racking System with Tough System Organizer

Dewalt ToughSystem Workshop Racking System

Designed for people on the go, the Tough System Workshop Racking System allows and individual to get his’ or her’s tools and supplies organized in a manner that promotes easy identification, access, and repeat-ability.

The heart and soul of the ToughSystem is their variety of cases, totes, and organizers. They come in many different sizes with a few having unique features like drawers and small parts organizers.


  • IP65 Dust and Debris Resistant
  • Integrated water seal
  • Heavy Duty Latches
  • Stout handles
  • Ability to latch together


DS150 Small Case

DS300 Large Case

DS400 XL Case



DS130 Case


DS250 Drawer Unit


Radio + Charger

Wall Racking System

Utilizing Dewalt’s Wall Racking System with the ToughSystem products allows a user to store them in a vertical manner that allows them to grab any one of them without having to move another. The Wall Racking System mounts to the wall and the floor and has these arms that protrude forward and grab the ToughSystem Cases. The handles on the cases provide a locking mechanism to the protruding arms.

You can have multiple Wall Racking Systems and take your ToughSystem Cases from place to place and have neat and organized storage. Imagine you are heading to a job that requires 4-5 of your cases. You grab the particular cases that have the tools and supplies in them and load them on your ToughSystem DS Carrier and bring them to your work vehicle. Unload them into your utility van or work vehicle and then roll them right to your work area with the DS Carrier.

We installed two Wall  Racking Systems

We put two Wall Racking System units in our utility room. We mounted the right unit directly to the studs through the OSB. It was simple and straight forward. The left unit was a bit more tricky! We had to take a few 2×4’s and 2×6’s and pad out the wall to clear the in floor heating piping assembly. Nothing the woodshop couldn’t whip out in a few minutes. Once secured to the wall, we mounted the second Wall Racking System to that faux wall.

Our workshop is a couple hundred yards from the house so we are going to dedicate the right unit to our home tool sets. When we need to fix something or tackle a smaller house project, we can simply grab the appropriate bin or tote and go. If there is a larger job, we will need to visit the workshop to grab more tools or supplies.

The left unit will be storage for our personal items that can be grouped for efficiency. Hunting items, dog training, daily home tasks, etc. When a hobby or items for a task can be compiled into a single storage unit, it saves time and frustration knowing right where your items are.


If you are in search for a mobile storage solution, check out the ToughSystem Workshop Racking System by Dewalt. It offers a unique way to store you items in a compartmentalized manner that promotes efficient, organization, and time savings.

The ToughSystem is designed around the professional but by no means is it out of the reach for the average Joe for non-construction tasks. We have units dedicated for hunting, emergency kits, kids sports, etc. There are many applications waiting to be found!


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  1. John Falkoff #

    I think it’s cool, it’s like having a tool box on the go.

    April 6, 2017 at 4:06 pm Reply

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