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Dewalt ToughSystem Music + Charger Review DWST08810

Excellent Sound

Dewalt_ToughSystem_Music_FeaturedIf you are looking for a job-site radio that has premium sound quality, possibly the best out there at this time, look no farther.  The Dewalt DWST08810 has the sound quality that will satisfy almost any user.  With 4 speakers on top for all around sound, an active and passive subwoofer on the bottom for good base and an IP54 rated box, this unit will be a great travel partner kicking out excellent sound.  The Dewalt ToughSystem radio also fits well on the Dewalt ToughSystem boxes or cart, even though it is lacking side handles to hold it in place.

Dewalt_ToughSystem_Music_ChargerGoing beyond the sound quality, the system lacks some of the jobsite qualities of other radios.  This radio has a transformer and small cord that provides the power to the radio and single bay charger.  There are no other outlets on the box.  The storage compartment on the top of the box has a USB outlet for phone charging along with an AUX input if you do not have a bluetooth device.  The center compartment is not super easy to open or close as it seems you may need three hands to make it happen.  There is a place to store the power cable and transformer in here, but this just reminds us that there are no extra power outlets on the box.  The charger will charge Dewalts 12v max and 20 volt max batteries up to 5.0Ah, but the larger batteries are harder to get in and out of the small rear compartment for charging.  The batteries doe not click in, but are held in by friction.  This allows the battery to come loose when the radio is moved around.

DWST08810 Features

  • Premium sound – 1 Subwoofer + 4 full range Tweeters
  • Charging capability – built-in charger ensures jobsite productivity by charging 12V MAX and 20V MAX DEWALT power tools
  • IP54 – Water & Dust resistance
  • Connectivity to Bluetooth, 3.5mm Aux. Input, 5V/1A USB charger
  • ToughSystem Carrier cart compatible
  • Can be stacked to other ToughSystem modules
  • Can run on a 12V MAX or 20V MAX DEWALT Li-ion power tool battery or can be plugged into a wall outlet
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

On-Site Review

Dewalt_ToughSystem_Music_TweeterThere is no way you can say anything bad about the sound quality of this music box and in many ways the sound quality makes up for some of the features it is lacking.  When you turn on the ToughSystem Music system, the buttons are impressive.  They are a rubberized soft touch button that give a feel of quality.  The unit turns on and the sound is amazing.  If you are using Bluetooth, there are few buttons to push to pair the item to your phone and to start the music playing.  If you are a radio person, there are a few more hoops to jump through to find and store your favorite stations.  The volume button must be pushed to go into the menu to start an auto-scan.  Not being a fan of normal radio, we found the inconvenience small, but if it were to be used daily, it would be a bit more of a thorn in your side.  The menu is simple and you are allowed to adjust the bass, mids and treble with ease.

Dewalt_ToughSystem_Music_SubsSince the unit is IP54 rated, it can take the dust and weather a jobsite might dish out.  The place to store your phone is also protected, but getting into this area with gloves is very tough.  The top is not spring loaded and the first time we opened it, the cover was next to sealed closed making it a two person job to open the cover.  You need two hands free to open this while the unit is new.  Over time it does open easier, but a spring loaded hinge would make this easier.  Closing it without pushing the latches also gives you the feeling it might break.  The transformer and fairly short cable are not overly jobsite friendly.  We were expecting a place to plug in an extension cord and some extra outlets, similar to the previous model of the Dewalt jobsite radio.

The clock on this unit is synced through the radio station or device that you have attached to the unit.  Many times the runtime of the unit you have attached is shown rather than the time.  My local area stations struggled to get this to work, but Bluetooth has been the main use of the radio.


Dewalt_ToughSystem_Music_IP54With all the strikes against this radio, it is simply the best sounding radio.  The clarity at high volume that well exceed other radios are amazing.  We would not be without this radio for the shop.  The idea of using it as a travel partner is still a bit up in the air since some of the features of the older Dewalt jobsite radio are used a lot.  The big plus is its ease of carrying, storage on the ToughSystem in any location and also ease of use with Bluetooth.  On the other side, the lack of a solid power cord, included outlets, and some hard to get into compartments stop it from being the perfect jobsite radio.  Dewalt did take over the niche of best sounding jobsite radio on the market.


Weight  15.95lbs
Width  14 1/2″
Height (in)  6 1/8″
Length  21 1/8″


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4 Responses to “Dewalt ToughSystem Music + Charger Review DWST08810”

  1. Aaron #

    How do you program or get the clock to show up? I tried the main menu and could only get into the sound settings…also, is there a way for it to display the date? Love this radio otherwise and it still sounds the best of any out there!

    December 23, 2016 at 8:21 pm Reply
  2. Jesus #

    I was work in construction, one coworker pull the radio and the cable got break. I need to replace it, how can I get and extra one? Thanks

    February 26, 2017 at 3:03 am Reply
  3. Winston #

    I noticed the sound quality on the tough system is better more spaciousness and excellent am reception. Then I purchased Dewalt tstak. I was disappointment with the sound and lack of clear reception on AM, FM reception was good though. All in all they are just work job site radios. Maybe it’s just me.
    I really like the tough system radio.

    September 2, 2018 at 8:56 pm Reply
    • I agree with you. I expected more of the Tstak.

      September 9, 2018 at 2:23 pm Reply

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