Serious Storage

Dewalt_Tough_SystemIf you are looking for durable, waterproof, dust proof, lockable and cart ready storage, look no further.  The Dewalt Tough System has a serious set of boxes that will meet many needs and can be used with a heavy duty cart just as tough as the boxes.  The cart holds the boxes in place allowing then to be independently accessed without removing each box from the cart.  The cart will hold 260 pound of tool or other items you would like to tote around.

Dewalt Tough System cases are built from 4mm-thick structural foam and are rated to IP65 standards.  So you have tough cases, but you also have some great options for sizes and storage capabilities.  The small, large and XL boxes will fill the cart, but the cart can be reconfigured to handle many different styles, including 5 small boxes, 3 large boxes and 2 XL boxes.  Dewalt also offers a case about the size of the large case that has drawers.  These drawers can be used for small fastener storage in the cases provided or they are deep enough to hold battery operated tools.


  • Super Durable 4mm thick structural foam box
  • Integrated water seal in all units except the Drawer Unit
  • Metal carrier with adjustable foldable brackets and locking system
  • Individual boxes can be locked and snapped together separate from the cart
  • IP65 rating – water and debris resistant

Pick Me Up


If you see these units in the store, I suggest you pick them up.  You can choose to grab them from one of four handles that are on each case.  The top handle allows for easy single and double case carrying.  The side handles allow you to pick up heavier cases and also act as the securing mechanism for holding the cases on the cart.  When on the cart, you can slide the cart lock for additional locking of the cases to the cart.  Last, the front handle allows the small case to be carried like a brief case.  Each handle stows out of the way and is also easy to grab when needed.

What Comes with Each Case

ToughSystem DS250 Drawer Unit

  • Weight Capacity 44lbs
  • Upper Drawer has small removable storage containers

ToughSystem DS150 Small Case

  • Weight Capacity 66lbs
  • Removable storage bins
  • Upper case storage for small items

ToughSystem DS300 Large Case

  • Weight Capacity 88lbs
  • Comes with Upper Tool Tray

ToughSystem DS400 XL Case

  • Weight Capacity 110lbs
  • Comes with Upper Tool Tray

On the Case

Dewalt_Cart_WheelsSo many of the systems on the market for mobile storage fit a niche market.  Each has a place they shine, but these durable cases seem to work for more people and are also some of the more waterproof and drop resistant cases.  The XL case was one of the few that I could find to hold my 10-1/4″ circular saw that desperately needed a home.  Each case allows you options as to how you want to set it up for your personal needs.  The only option I would like to see is some stack-able liners for specific tools to allow them to fit better and not have them free floating in the box.  Each of the boxes that allow for small part or fastener storage keep the bins very secure and will keep the small items in each bin even if the case were to flip over multiple times.


The cart to move around these cases was also very well thought out.  The items that stick out to me are the wide rubber like tires, rails for stairway use, wide stance and rubber overmold handle.  The cart does fold up if needed, but the welded frame is beefy enough to be used for many of the jobsite tasks rather than just carrying around some boxes with tools.  The tires are wide and able to float on sand and still move well off-road.

Dewalt_Tough_System_StackableIf you opt to not get the cart or save the cart for a later purchase, each case can be locked together through small yellow tabs on each side of the case.  The cases line up easily and can be carried into areas together where the cart is not needed or might not fit.  This just adds to the versatility of these boxes.


For current prices, check the Home Depot links below:

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