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Dewalt Push Lock Pliers

Hand Tool Addiction

Dewalt_Push_Lock_JawEvery trip to the store these days involves a trip through the hand tool isle for a new tool or product.  This trip I found the Dewalt 8”, 10” and 12” Push Lock Pliers with a new grip in straight jaw.  I only have the 10″, but I thought it was worth a try and see what these pliers are all about.  The idea behind the Dewalt Push Lock Pliers is the long jaw design to provide more gripping area and longer reach.  Dewalt also claims a wider jaw opening than its competitors.


Features & Specs

  • Jaw openings up to 15% longer and wider
  • Jaw opening easily adjusts by sliding
  • 10″ model accommodates up to 48mm hexagonal nuts or 45mm round pipes
  • Ergonomic grips with pinch protection
SKU Description MSRP

Worth a Look

Dewalt_Push_Lock_PackageWhen I first came across these pliers they looked like many of the others with a push button to adjust them.  I was looking at the wider opening jaw when I found out these jaws had a one handed slide feature to easily adjust.  That has always been an issue with other pliers I have used in the automotive applications.  You have to remove the pliers from the application multiple times to get them adjusted properly.  These should be simple and easy to adjust and use.

Second, I found that in all positions, these pliers will not pinch your hands with the handles.  This is a complaint that I always have with my older pliers.  The grips are yellow and black and look like the black section is a softer rubber, but it is not.  The grips are not bulky and will allow you to get into tight spaces.  Due to the jaw opening and the handle size, these might become my pliers for automotive and plumbing.  The pliers do have a rust-resistant coating that we will test over time.

My first test with these pliers was on a lawn sprinkler repair job in which they did get wet.  It is a nice hot day so I left them to dry in the sun.  Realistically, the rust resistance test will come into play in about 2 to 3 years of use.

They are Hand Tools

Dewalt_Push_LockReading the back of the attached sales material, I found that the Guaranteed Tough warranty that applies to these tools is the same as other hand tools.  You will have to have the proof of purchase and most likely will have to send them in to Dewalt for them to review before they send you a new tool.  For the price of the 10″ model, if they broke, it could cost me half the amount I paid for the pliers to ship them back, plus I will most likely never be able to find the receipt.

Like most of the other hand tools in the isle, these too are made in China.  I really like that Dewalt has moved some of the assembly plants back to the USA for some of the power tools.  Our Country needs the facilities and the infrastructure here.  I would gladly have paid more for these if they were made in the USA.



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2 Responses to “Dewalt Push Lock Pliers”

  1. Paul Frederick #

    Warranty only with a receipt? Why warrant the product at all? I guess they’re really not. Generally I do not break my hand tools myself. If a small tool isn’t cutting it, then I reach for a larger one. But still, I mean don’t try to insult my intelligence with this receipt non-warranty deal. Can’t they tell just by looking at it that it is their tool?

    Sometimes with all of the crap we’re expected to put up with anymore, I think to myself that the world ended some 20 years ago, and we’re all just living in some hellish purgatory now.

    August 3, 2015 at 11:19 am Reply
  2. Wayne Chism #

    I had never used push lock pliers before, it takes a little bit to get used to it, but once you do it works perfectly.

    August 31, 2015 at 8:13 am Reply

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