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DEWALT Garage Storage Rack Accessories DXST10000PSK DXST4500DK DXST4500WTD DXST4500PSK DXSTA10MPB

Garage Storage Racks

Our excitement of the DEWALT Garage Storage Racks continues with hard to find accessories for the DXST10000 and DXST4500 racks.  Many of the comments in the YouTube video said that others have paid less for different types of racks, but the cost difference is minimal, but the expandability and ease of assembly are compromised.  We would gladly pay a little bit more for quality and ability to move these items in minutes.

If that is not your idea of cool storage, then this video showing some of the accessories for these racks might also not be your thing.  But we bet it is something you would like.  From nice metal pegboards to drawers and even small item storage, DEWALT has you covered.

DEWALT licenses these items from JS Products who proudly make them.  These accessories are not currently available at The Home Depot or anywhere else that we could find online.  We hope that quickly changes!  We are told these are sold in stores that carry these items outside of the big box stores.

If you know of a place you can buy these, please let others know in the comments!

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