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DEWALT FlexVolt 60V String Trimmer Review – DCST970X1


DEWALT 60V FlexVolt tools hit the market with a promise to provide the power, runtime and durability for professional use.  DEWALT followed up the professional construction tools with outdoor power equipment. Battery operated outdoor tools have become very popular as they become more powerful with longer runtime.  With battery power becoming a more viable option for many homeowners, the thought of storing gasoline in the garage is becoming obsolete.  String trimmers and blowers are the first to be migrated over to battery power with hedge trimmers and chainsaws following up.

DEWALT DCST970X1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX String Trimmer, 3.0AH battery

DCST970X1 Features

  • Gear drive design powers through tough overgrowth
  • High-efficiency brushless motor maximizes run time and motor life
  • 15″ cutting swath with 0.080″ line (also accepts 0.095″)
  • Variable speed trigger with Hi/Lo speed control for added power or extended run time
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design maximizes control and minimizes stress on your arms
  • Designed to withstand everyday heavy-duty usage
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty – 1 Year Full Warranty – 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

60 Volt Market

The DEWALT FlexVolt 60 volt platform will not keep up with the 56, 58 or 60 volt outdoor power equipment platforms.  The FlexVolt platform does not outperform the DEWALT 40 volt line!  The reason is simple.  The FlexVolt platform in the 60 volt state is a 1P battery pack.  Almost all the other brands who boast about long runtimes and high power run a 2P or 3P battery pack.  Those battery packs have two to three times the amount of cells in them to provide the motors with a lot of power.

Almost all battery operated string trimmers come with  .080″ dual line.  In most cases, our first suggestion is to upgrade to a .095″ line, but in this case, we recommend that a high grade .080″ line replace the stock line.  It was clear the first time the string hit the grass that the gearing used to produce the power and speed was doing its job.  This unit has an rpm of 6,600 on high, still slightly less than most gas trimmers.  But it had no issue keeping the line speed up and tearing through grass and weeds.  But when pushed, there is not a lot of torque allowing the RPM to drop.  When using .095″ line, the lack of torque to keep the RPM’s up is more evident.

Gas Replacement

Will any of the current battery powered units be a gas replacement?  No, and that answer is no because they all have limitations due to run time and attachments.  With that said, if someone wanted just a string trimmer, this unit can be put in as a quality gas replacement due to the power and battery life.  Even in a commercial setting, a single battery will last for most jobs and be able to charge while on the road to the next job.

While this might be one of the more expensive units, we believe that it is worth the cost as it will compete with the gas trimmers in the same price range.  This unit took all the abuse we threw at it and never once stopped due to a motor or battery over heat.  We am thrilled with it’s performance and will continue to use this trimmer to see how long the unit and battery will last under our abuse.

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