Clean Power

The DEWALT DXGNR7000 Generator is a 7,000 watt continuous, 8,750 peak watt generator that is made to power your home or a jobsite and everything in between.  DEWALT packed this generator with features like a smart runtime meter and a wattage meter.  These items tell you the remaining fuel life in hours and minutes and also the amount of power being pulled from the generator.  Beyond the digital items, you also get a premium DEWALT engine, durable wheels, and electric start.

We have looked at a lot of generators of this size and price range.  The DEWALT is currently $999.00 at The Home Depot.  None of them could recover from a large load being applied to the generator like this DEWALT.  In our video you can see us starting a miter saw, circular saw, table saw and a vacuum all at the same time and the generator did not bog, it simply saw the demand and raised the rpm from idle to 3,600 rpm instantly.  We tested the DEWALT generator while connected to our shop and watched the voltage to see how fast the recovery was.  It was amazing to see the split second drop in voltage and then it would rise back to normal in an instant.  There was no slow recovery like we have seen with other models.  Very impressive.

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DXGNR7000 Features

  • Smart Runtime Meter – shows fuel level and time remaining at current power level
  • Wattage Meter – gives instant feedback on how much power is being used
  • Premium DeWALT engine Idle Control – conserves fuel and reduces noise on the job site
  • Never Flat, Durable Wheels – with for maximum portability and durability
  • Electric Start – (battery included) provides hassle-free start-up
  • Covered Outlets – for protection from the elements and rugged working conditions
  • Hardened 1 1/4″ Steel Tube Cradle – for added durability and strength
  • Hour Meter – tracks maintenance intervals
  • Fold-Down/Locking Handle – for sturdy portability and compact storage
  • Low-Oil Level Shutdown – automatically safeguards engine from damage
  • Available Lifting Eye Kit allows for easy movement around the jobsite

Wattage Meter

Knowing the watts being produced by the generator is very important as overloading the generator will result in damaged electronics and a possibly broke generator.  In the past, we would judge the amount of power being produced from the generator by the tone of the motor.  We would listen and watch for an overload situation with our multimeter plugged into the wall.

Once the engine would sound like it was struggling, we would check the voltage.  Today, technology has increased and many generators come with a voltage meter on the generator.  We really think this helps the user be safer in the long run.  Also located by this wattage meter is a digital display of the amount of runtime left in the unit with the amount of fuel in the tank.  That digital meter takes the place of a manual fuel gauge.  For the jobsite, many would also like to see a manual fuel gauge because the motor needs to be running for the digital meter to work.

The Best Generator We Have Used

Overall, this generator has been one of the best we have ever used.  The amount of torque the engine produces and its ability to adjust to the different amp draws is amazing.  The roll cage designed cart has a very nice pull handle.  The fuel shut-off is not tied to the engine run switch we are allowed to turn off the fuel and run out the remaining fuel in the carb at the end of use.

All of the important maintenance items are easily checked, cleaned or replaced in minutes and most are tool free.  We cannot say enough good about this generator, but we will say that it is a steal for the price compared to others on the market in the same price range.  Check out the YouTube video and see if you feel the same.

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