6″ Brushless Angle Grinder

If you do a lot of grinding or cutting with an angle grinder for long periods of time, you will have found that battery operated angle grinders are not going to provide the runtime you need.  That left your options limited to brushed models, until now.  Dewalt’s DWE43244N Brushless 6″ Angle Grinder is one of a few AC brushless models that provide a lot of power in a maintenance-free platform.  Replacing brushes in your grinder is no longer needed!  The DWE43244N is a paddle switch style grinder without a lock on.  Dewalt offers a large variety of models including some with variable speed.

If your idea of a perfect angle grinder is one that spins up to speed instantly, has all the power one could ask for and has a brake that stops the wheel in about 1 second, look no further, this model was built for you.  Beyond the power and the braking, these models have an e-clutch to help stop kickback.  Internally, the unit watches the voltage supply to make sure that clean power is supplied to the angle grinder as not to destroy the motor.  The intelligence of this unit is transmitted to the user via an LED light that is green when all systems are a go and red or blinking red when attention is needed.

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Battery Vs Corded – Further Reviewing the Dewalt DWE43244N

There are a time and place for battery powered angle grinders and corded angle grinders.  In many of our videos, we have touched on the fact that most top end angle grinders will only last 3.5 minutes of constant grinding.  If you have large or long-term jobs and you want to use a battery powered unit, you must also have a lot of batteries.  Because we are in a shop, our goal is to always choose the right tool for the job and most times a corded angle grinder fits best.  Yes, we hate the cord but love the power and ability to run as long as we need.

The ability to now have a smooth brushless corded angle grinder is a big deal to us.  The power and feel of the Dewalt Brushless angle grinder are amazing.  The trigger is incredibly smooth, almost too smooth as there is no real feel to when it turns on and because it turns on so fast, it will be a small surprise the first time you use it.  But in use, the trigger is awesome as it does not fatigue your fingers and it is easy to keep depressed.

We really want to praise Dewalt for continuing to develop corded tools along with battery powered tools.  While we would all love to remove the cord from every tool, right now we do not have the technology to effectively do it.  For now, and probably some time to come, we will continue to need and want quality corded angle grinders to complete larger jobs.

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