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DEWALT DCL074 Tool Connect 20V LED Work Light Vs Milwaukee M18 Radius LED Site Light 2146-20

LED Jobsite Lights

Both Milwaukee and DEWALT have been putting a ton of effort into jobsite lighting.  Milwaukee seems to offer more lights overall and some with more options like the 2146-20 Compact Site light that is a hybrid light that can run from a battery or corded power.  The Dewalt DCL074 is battery powered only.  Both Milwaukee and DEWALT offer Apps that can control the lights and track them.  So what is the main difference?

In our video, we go through the design, quality of construction and even do a drop test to see what one will break first.  There is no doubt cost is higher on the Milwaukee as it has an MSRP of $349 and the DEWALT is $199.  There are options on the Milwaukee that would justify some of the cost difference.  Our quick search on Amazon showed the Milwaukee light selling for $240 shipped.

MILWAUKEE M18 RADIUS LED 2146-20 https://amzn.to/2TtnGBr

Currently, the DEWALT DCL074 is not on Amazon but can be found on many online retailers.

We will not spoil the video, but we never expected one of the lights to make it through our testing.  We can be a bit tough on the tools and it might surprise you as to what happens.  Drop tests can do a lot of damage you would never expect.

Lighting wise, we show the differences between the two in the video with some shop lighting and quick frame comparisons.  The design of the lights has a lot to do with the area of the light output.

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