Dewalt 40 Volt Max Blower

Dewalt 40V BlowerDewalt’s outdoor power equipment is designed around a 40 volt battery in both 4 and 6 amp hour.  This blower is available with a 4 amp hour battery (DCBL790M1) or a 6 amp hour battery (DCBL790H1).  Both units perform the same with an output of 400 CFM and 120 MPH. The Dewalt brushless motor allows for more power and longer run times on the 40 volt battery than a brushed motor would.  Dewalt designed these tools for everyday use and also for longevity.  When you pick one up, you notice the rubber over mold on the grips and that most of the plastic is the same that is used on their other drills and tools.

The main difference in Dewalt’s outdoor power equipment to the others designed for high end users is that Dewalt uses a 40 volt battery.  The one item that they did right out of the gate was produce larger amp hour batteries to allow for higher performance with good run times.  It is also important to note that these are 40 volt max batteries so they are really 36 volt batteries when comparing to other units that do not say max after the voltage.

Dewalt Blower Features and Specs

  • 400 CFM and 120 MPH performance
  • High capacity 6Ah Lithium Ion battery
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Designed to withstand everyday heavy-duty usage
  • Part of the 40V MAX* system of tools
  • Quiet 67 Decibel at full throttle
  • Weight 11.4lbs

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Dewalt Blower Power

First, when looking for a blower you have to look at 2 different items to determine the power.  You have to look at the speed that the air moves out of the tube (MPH) and also the volume of air the blower moves (CFM).  In most cases, the MPH is the number that will get items moving and the CFM will be the number that keeps things moving.  Many manufacturers will only post one of the numbers as a marketing item.  Blowers are categorized by CFM; below 200 CFM are viewed as small sweeper units for hard flat surfaces, 200 to 400 CFM are light duty or residential, 400 to 500 CFM are medium duty and anything above 500 CFM is considered commercial.  To confuse this more, some manufacturers will give their numbers at an “up to” or a “maximum”.

While this unit has 400 CFM and 120 MPH performance, I feel it is important to note that the exit tube is smaller than other battery operated blowers that it should be compared with.  In this case, the smaller tube might enable the blower to push the 120 MPH, but what I have found by using this unit for a long time is that it is very capable at picking up objects and keeping them moving.  In fact, the performance of this unit is easier to see while using it and also feels to give you more directed and controllable capabilities.  This more directed power is very welcomed by me as it compares more to the commercial units I am used to, but it might not perform as well when trying to push a larger pile of leaves because of its more precise wind.  I can tell you that I enjoy the performance and I found no need to scrape items, including mud, off cement to get them moving.

Dewalt 40V Blower Belt DriveAlso note that this blower has a belt drive.  This gearing is most likely one of the reasons we get the performance we do from this unit.  If using this commercially, I would have another belt ready to change just in case.  It is a 2 minute job to change the belt.

Run times will depend on the battery you have and your throttle, but expect a low end of 15 minutes and a high end of 25 minutes of use before you need a charge. The charger is similar to other Dewalt tool chargers and can be wall mounted to save space.

Dewalt Quality

Performance is nice, but when using a tool for long periods of time ergonomics are very important.  From the minute I picked up this blower I felt that it was designed for long term use. The rubber over mold makes gripping the unit easy and comfortable.  The cage for setting the unit down saves wear on the tool and protects it from harm.  A variable speed trigger with cruise control works excellent and makes the soft start of the brushless motor feel excellent.  The curve in the exit tube keeps items in front of you moving forward and not tilted to one side or another.

The intake on this blower is on the right hand side.  This is great for using this to dry areas or to sit it and blow stationary as you sweep other areas, but it might be slightly uncomfortable for left handed people.  While it does not affect performance if it is up against your side, it will create a slight suction against any clothing it will be close to.  My father is a lefty and he liked the unit but said it was a weird feeling.  As a righty, I like the right hand intake rather than the rear or bottom intake as it give me more options for use in different applications.

Dewalt’s 40 Volt Max Battery

Dewalt 40V BatteryI was very happy that we were able to test this unit with the 6 amp hour battery as blowers can drain batteries pretty fast.  Overall, I believe this unit sustains its max power longer than other comparable units on the market.  With that said, it is also more expensive.  The battery also has the same feeling of quality to it compared to the others.  If you are familiar with Dewalt’s other batteries, this one connects and disconnects from the tool in the same way.  There is some weight to the battery, but it is also a feeling of overall quality and thought.  I would not be scared away from this unit because of the lack of volts compared to other outdoor power equipment.  In many ways, I feel it outperforms the competitors, but it also has some specific design qualities that make it more desirable for professionals.

These items are available at many big box stores and also online. When looking at prices, make sure you consider what battery you are ordering with the tool.

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Dewalt 40V Blower