2 X 20 volt DEWALT Mower

The new DEWALT 2x20V MAX Brushless Mower (DCMW220), should be making it to the store shelves by spring!  This is DEWALT’s first mower and it is powered by two DEWALT 20V MAX* 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Batteries that work simultaneously to deliver power.  The lawn mower will also be compatible with the DEWALT FLEXVOLT battery system.

So far, DEWALT has stated the new mower has a brushless motor, a 20” metal deck, a folding handle for upright storage, and carrying handles for easy transportation.

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The mower also has the ability to either mulch, bag, or discharge grass clippings.  There are on-deck LED lights to signal the state-of-charge of the batteries while in use.  The mower will be out in early 2018, and will come kitted with two DEWALT 20V MAX* 5.0Ah batteries with an MSRP of $399 (DCMW220P2). The mower comes with the standard DEWALT 3 year limited warranty, 1 year free service, and 90 day money back guarantee.

The Pictures Tell Us

If the pictures are true to the design of the mower, there will be a single height adjustment lever on the rear right side of the mower that will adjust all four wheels.  The wheels look to be larger and possibly have ball bearings in them.  There is a two position switch on the front of the mower that has a bit of mystery to it.

The mower can bag or mulch but does not look to have a side discharge chute.  There is not much to see on the handle adjustment other than it will flip forward.  There looks to be a key on the handle and the user will have to push a button and pull the drive handle to turn on the mower.

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Overall, this mower is a bit of a surprise to us as we would have expected it to be a FlexVolt mower or even in DEWALT’s 40-volt line.  Even with two 20 volt batteries, this will be one of the smaller mowers on the market.  There are a few other 36-volt or 40-volt mowers on the market, but they seem to struggle with runtime.  We are hoping that the technology in the brushless motor provides a powerful and torquey blade speed that is able to fill more than half a bag of grass.

Look for more information on this unit from us in early 2018.