Ultimate Heater

The ultimate in cordless portable heaters that can work indoors was made better with DEWALT.  The new DEWALT Propane Radiant Heater has more options because of the addition of it being able to take a DEWALT 20-volt or FelxVolt battery.  While the heater can be used without a battery, with a battery installed you get a single speed 135 cfm fan, LED work light built into the handle and three 2 amp USB charging ports.  DEWALT designed this unit for the jobsite, but any outdoor enthusiast will enjoy the extra features while hunting or camping.

No heater these days is worth buying without some sort of safety device just in case an accident happens.  The DEWALT DXH12B has an ODS and a thermoelectric safety valve so you can feel comfortable using this certified indoor safe heater anywhere.  If the heater were to tip forward, all gas is shut off and the possibility of a fire is reduced.  This is a propane fired heater, so even though it is approved for indoor use, there still should be some sort of fresh air intake if used in small areas.

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DEWALT DXH12B Features

  • 3-USB ports for charging personal electronics and accessories
  • Dual tank capacity provides up to 7 hours of run-time on Low
  • Integrated fan to effectively disperse convective heat
  • Powerful LED light bar provides ideal working conditions

Mr. Heater

Do you call a circular saw a Skilsaw?  Would you call this heater a Mr. Heater?  They look the same, right?  Well, in this case, you are correct for as much as we can gather.  If you read the manual there are multiple references to using Mr. Heater products and adaptors to hook up to a larger 20-pound propane tank.  If you read the Mr. Heater website, you will also not they truly want you to only use their accessories for safety.  We have to assume this is a licensed product related to the Mr. Heater brand.  We look at that as a great thing because Mr. Heater clearly has the market share in this type of heater and knows what they are building.  There is no guesswork here and the product is that of quality.  What you get is a solid heater that can be run without a battery, but with a battery installed, you get a fan to help move heat, 3 USB charging ports and also a light.  That makes this an outdoors person dream!

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There will be no more excuses for not having a charged phone while in the ice fishing shanty.  This heater solves a problem for many people from the jobsite to the relaxing outdoors at a price that is in line with the other branded heaters.