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Dewalt 20 Volt Max LED Hand Held Area Light

Model# DCL050

Dewalt_DCL050_1This is not a new light, rather a time tested piece that I wanted to bring up for a little discussion.  LED lights are gaining in popularity because of the excellent runtime and the high lumens they supply.  I have many different models and some get use much more than others, but I keep coming back to models like this Dewalt for my main use.

The DEWALT DCL050 LED work light is extremely light weight at 1.7 pounds.  The light features 3 extremely bright LED’s with two brightness settings; 500 and 250 lumen. It has a fairly small footprint and can easily fit into tight spaces.   The upper LED work head pivots 0 to 140 degrees which allows you to direct the work light in many different positions.   The built in storage hook stores in the work light head and allows the tool to hang and rotate 360-degrees on the hook.  The light is designed to sit on the battery so the larger, heavier, batteries are the ones that make this light more stable.


  • 3 LEDs for broad lighting
  • 250 and 500 lumens brightness settings
  • LED head pivots with 140° swing arc
  • Rotating hanging hook
  • Non-marring overmolded lens cover
  • 17 hour runtime (with 4.0Ah Li-ion battery)

Super Bright


Every LED work light I have ever used has been incredibly bright and next to impossible to look directly at the light while it is on.  The extremely bright light is not bothersome if you can place it under your work (working on a car while on a lift).  If you are working in a small cabinet on plumbing, many of these lights can be so bright that they are almost unusable.  This unit is fair when used in tight spaces and on the low setting.  There are times I have walked away from the project still seeing the glimmer of the three LED lights in my vision.  The Dewalt light seems to position the LED lights higher in the light with less diffusion, so the super bright LEDs can be a bit more bothersome than some of the other lights I have used.  On the positive side, the light is much brighter and can light up dark crawl spaces with ease.

Long Lasting


Not only will this light last a long time on low (17 hours) it will also run for nine hours on high.  Once the light gets low on battery it will blink to let you know it will shut off soon.  I tried multiple times to catch this on camera without any luck.  It is a very nice feature for construction as you get some warning before everything goes dark around you.  The Dewalt DCL050 is also a very durable light.  I have knocked it off my lift multiple times from over 5 feet and there is not a scratch on the light.  The lens cover has held up well in automotive use with sand and dirt scraping against it all the time.

Pivoting Head

Dewalt_PivotThis is the first light that I have owned that can be set to light straight down.  I really never picked up on that use until I used it in some smaller areas where the indirect light was much easier to use that the direct light.  I did not have to worry about looking into the light and my work was more comfortable.  Much of the work on plumbing or small cabinets would be perfect for this orientation for the light.  Since the head has a 140 degree pivot, you can use this in many situations and overall, I think small lights like these have a lot of uses.  When buying these lights, think of the brightness and ability to adjust the light so it is not in your eyes when working.

PRICINGDEWALT DCL050 20V Max LED Hand Held Area Light

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