Construction Rated

Construction Proof - METABO HPT Multivolt 36V Brushless 1/2" Impact Wrench IP56 RatedTwo car guys checking out the new Metabo HPT Multivolt 36V Brushless 1/2″ Impact Wrench might not be the perfect fit.  While we love the features of the impact wrench, we really feel this tool was built for the construction industry.  It is not that the tool will not do automotive work, cause it will and it will do it well.  Most of the features are based on issues that one might see in the field.  The IP56 rating where dust and water will not affect the tool, for the most part, is perfect for anyone who might need to work in wet conditions.  While mechanics might see more oil and this would be useful, we still see this as a tool for large contractors.

Metabo HPT is very open with the tools ratings letting you know this has a max rating of 775 ft. lbs for tightening and a nut busting torque of 1218 ft lbs.  Many manufacturers will only list the nut-busting torque and we feel that number is a bit misleading.

Metabo HPT also offers an AC adaptor so you can use this tool and all other 36-volt tools, with a cord.  That could be very helpful to someone who works int he same area day in and day out.

Fit and Feel

Construction Proof - METABO HPT Multivolt 36V Brushless 1/2" Impact Wrench IP56 RatedWhen looking at the Metabo HPT Impact Wrench, it looks like they have built this for the battlefield.  There is thick rubber overmold in areas that might get beat up.  All the vents are in areas that will not collect dust and it feels like a tool one could drop from the second story and it would never hurt the tool.  It should be a tough tool since it does come with a lifetime warranty.  With that build quality comes some weight and that is what most people commented on when we introduced them to the tool.  Although the scale does not show it to be much heavier than others, it might be the balance of the weight.

For people with larger hands, the grip might be just a hair small.  Both Jeff and I feel that our hand is cramped holding on to the tool and that feeling gets uncomfortable over time.  The four mode adjustment for speed and torque is easy to use.  The LED light has multiple options, but we felt that the light was limited to the work area below the socket and not a great work light.

No matter how or what we say about this tool, it all comes back to the IP56 rating and this tools ability to survive on the construction site.  Since this tool is not meant for automotive use, we are shipping it off to our friend’s excavation company for use in extreme conditions to see how it will hold up.  They are HUGE Milwaukee Tool fans, so it will be interesting.