Dewalt has a new line of Maxfit Screwdrivers that boast a new tip design offering maximum fit in fasteners in order to help eliminate stripped screws.  We were able to open the DWHT62058 kit and take a look at them while using them around our shop for a month.

Dewalt_Screwdriver_HandleMy first impression of the screwdriver was not of the tip, it is the nice rubber handle that each screwdriver has.  I know Dewalt has designed these for better grabbing of fasteners, but before I was even able to engage the screwdriver into a fastener, I was enjoying the feel and grip of the handle.  Many of the screwdrivers I own are plastic handled and they can wear on your hands over time and will also slip when using leather gloves.  These handles are exactly the opposite.  They are comfortable and allow your hand to grip them well with gloves or bare handed.  Dewalt must know they did well as they leave one handle of the screwdriver out of the packaging for people to feel before purchasing.

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While I would buy these screwdrivers for the handles alone, the Maxfit Screwdriver tip features a unique geometric design that fits and grabs onto screws for secure driving and helps to prevent most stripped screws. I have blamed a lot of stripped screws on the decline of the build quality of some of the fasteners today, some of it could also be my 20 year old screwdrivers or the old guy using them.  The main premise behind these screwdrivers is they are made of shock-resistant steel, and have a CNC machined tip to better fit screw heads.


Many of the screws I buy today are no longer philips head screws simply due to the better options of flat head screws on the market.  This kit comes with two square bit screwdrivers (Size #1 and #2) that help to fill the lack of those in my current selection.  Just like a hammer, screwdrivers are not being used as much because we have impact/drill drivers designed to do the same job.  But in the end, one needs a screwdriver for fine adjustments or to gauge how tight a fastener is.


I was also intrigued by the yellow area close to the tip of the screwdriver as there is a notch cut in each screwdriver.  I first simply assumed this was used for the 1/4″ magnetic screw lock accessory that was included, but after further reading, this area is designed  as a torsion zone along with an area in the Screwdrivers’ handle that allow flex to absorb torque. This is another way of helping to keep the screwdriver from stripping a fastener but allowing the user to apply the toque required.  The hex-shaped bar on the screwdriver’s shaft allow you to use a wrench to apply additional torque and leverage.  Most of my older phillips screw drivers are round.

So to give these screwdrivers a test, I pulled out some southern yellow pine and started sinking some very inexpensive and softer screws I had by hand.  I compared my older craftsman screwdrivers to these by doing the same screwdriving with both.  I will say that the handle sticks out to me as the best feature on the screwdriver.  I do feel that I could hold the fastener better with the Dewalt models, but it is difficult to test that.  There is no doubt that with the two sitting next to each other, my craftsman set will no longer be used.  I look forward to these coming out in a torx drive set.

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The Dewalt Maxfit Screwdriver line includes the DWHT62054 (4-piece set), and the DWHT62058 (8-piece set). The Screwdrivers will retail for approximately $19.99 and $29.99 and are sold at The Home Depot and independent retailers.