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Woodpecker’s Precision Framing Square

Woodpeckers Tools If you are a woodworker with access to the internet, you are most likely aware of Woodpeckers and the incredibly high quality products they produce. If you are not, we highly encourage you to check them out. They are one of our favorite companies just due to the face that the tools and […]

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DEWALT has a New 20V MAX Brushless Planer

Brushless Woodworking! DEWALT is coming out with a new 20V max Brushless Planer that will be perfect for use in scribing cabinets and countertops, leveling framing lumber, chamfering handrails, post beveling door edges, as well as shaping and tapering wood trim.  This tool becomes much more portable and easier to use since it does not have […]

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Dewalt’s New 4-in-1 Multi Functional Utility Bar

Demolition Master Dewalt has a new Multi-Functional Utility Bar that is most designed for ripping, striking, prying, and scraping applications.  If you are a renovator, deck builders, or contractors, this will be a tool you will enjoy.  The Multi-Functional Utility Bar has a hardened striking surface with 7/8” tri-lobe stock for durability, a gooseneck head for board grabbing, […]

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June 1st the Bosch REAXX Jobsite Table Saw will be available

Flesh-Detecting Active Response Technology The Bosch GTS1041A REAXX Portable Jobsite Table Saw has some pretty amazing technology wrapped in a small table saw.  While the Flesh-Detecting active response technology might sound like something from a zombie apocalypse, it’s really the saw’s ability to sense if the blade is touching something that might be a part […]

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GearWrench 120XP Ratchet Set & 1/2″ Drive Socket Set

Find a Tooth Working new ratchets with precision gearing is a dream compared to the old days where a 72 tooth ratchet was premium.  Tight places become easier to work in.  The smaller arc needed to catch a new tooth allows for faster fastener removal and increased productivity.  But the real story here is the comfort […]

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Remove Stuck Rusted Hex Head Bolts

New Hex Head Removing Tool Late November we were contacted by Grip-Edge Tools to introduce us to a new specialty tool called the Grip-Edge Hex.  We designate this as a specialty tool because it has one purpose; to remove stuck hex head bolts.  The Grip-Edge hex is machined so it will aid in grabbing the bolt […]

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Buy American Built Shoes – KEEN Utility

Yes, American Built Shoes! We all struggle to find and purchase tools and other items that are American built, but shoes seem to be something that is overlooked because there are so few built here in the US.  We did our own small poll and asked a group of friends if they knew of any shoes […]

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Ridgid_Gen5x_Brushless Circular_Saw_Mess

Ridgid Brushless Gen5X 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Review – R8653

Pro Grade? The Rigid Gen5X tools are very impressive, but stack on the new brushless tool line-up in Ridgid’s Gen5X family and you have some very impressive, long lasting tools that can handle a beating.  We really like to work at torture testing tools and there have not been any Ridgid tools that we have been easy […]

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Klein Tools Folding Auto Loading Utility Knife 44130

Super Sturdy! Utility knives are everywhere in the big box stores and many of them are always on sale, sitting right next to the checkout line.  The temptation to buy these knives when standing in line is sometimes too hard to resist.  Plus, it is a knife, we need them, right!  If you are like me, […]

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Last Minute DIY’er Gifts

Easy Gift Guide With Black Friday past us, everyone seems to be looking for the last minute gift, stocking stuffer, and next to impossible to find gift for a gift exchange.  You are not alone in this last minute search for a gift for the DIY’er that seems to have everything.  We can help you with […]

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Klein Tools Knives

Klein Tools Has New Utility and Pocket Knives

Add This to Your Wish List! Knives are the holy grail of tools.  We all seem to agree that you can never have enough of them.  Finding a quality knife can be a challenge today as there is no standard way the metal on the blades is listed.  When we found out Klein Tool was […]

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Water leak detector - sensor mat with protective covering

One Drop Alarm UNIV1507 Water Leak Detector Product Review

Avoid Water Damage If you have never experienced a water leak in your house consider yourself lucky, as chances are most will someday. A couple years ago I replaced my kitchen garbage disposal. After a couple months the fittings on the disposal slightly cracked. Over time, water began to drip, filling the base of the cabinet. […]

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